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Niche Awareness Is The First Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Internet Marketers

7 Habits Oo Highly Successful Internet MarketersThe formation of productive habits is critical to all internet marketers and I will be spending the next week going through the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers to help you become more prouctive in your internet business.

I have previously written a post on creating good habits which you can read here. That post will compliment this series of the 7 habits of highly successsful internet marketers that you are about to learn.

I did think about producing one long post incorporating all of the habits but soon realised that it would be easier for you to break it down into bite sized pieces to enable you to take onboard and absorb the information.

It is always better to master and understand one thing at a time to prevent information overload. The core principle is to learn and then implement before moving on to another task.

Over the next 7 days we will be exploring a series of mind maps and we will look at tools, techniques and the mindsets of the most successful internet marketers so you can go away and implement the principles and strategies into your business.

So without any further delay here is the first of the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers.

Niche Awareness

Niche AwarenessEvergreen Niches

Evergreen niches can be broken down into 3 broad markets or niches if you prefer.

  • Health
  • Wealth Creation
  • Lifestyle

These three evergreen niches have been around a long time before the internet and even marketing itself.

Let’s first look into the health niche. People are always looking into improve their health and fitness. It is a massive market and there is tons of information already available.

The thing is that people always want more information so if you can come up with some high quality unigue content then people are always prepared to buy it.

It is the same with wealth creation. People are constantly looking for ways to improve their income. With technological improvements and different marketing platforms and strategies springing up there is an opportunity to create new products within this niche and people will buy it.

The same principle can be applied to the lifestyle niche which can also be a combination of the first 2 catagories. In some ways all 3 go hand in hand.

If you are new to internet marketing these 3 niches are a great place to start. Yes they can be very competitive but if you are preapred to drill down, which we will talk about later, then you can find some nuggets of gold.

Problem Solving

The most successful internet marketers are problem solvers. This is what motivates them as they are passionate about solving peoples problems.

They have the mindset of helping people and realise that by doing that they can get paid for it.. There is a saying ” Don’t Chase The Money” meaning just focus on helping people first and the money will come.

You could provide solutions in the form of e-books, audio and video. This allows people to get the information quickly and they can digest it privately which makes it very appealing.

If you can stand out from your competition by doing it this way and produce great content you will soon be seen as the go to expert. The knock on effect is that you can command more money for your products.

Try and focus on the pain points. These can be both emotional and physical. Maybe people have money worries so you can offer a solution to improve their income.

Or maybe they have back pain. If you have suffered from this and have found a solution you may be able to create a product to help them overcome their pain.

An excellent way to find problems to solve is to explore the market itself. Online forums and places like Yahoo Answers and obviously social media are great places to start. Find out what problems people have got and you can also run an online survey.

If you find say 8-10 problems or pain points then this could be the perfect way to write an e-book, create an audio or video course and concentrate each pain point as a chapter or module.


You have to research your market or niche. It is a vital element because you will know exactly what you market or niche is thinking and what it wants.

By entering into the market you will be able to discover what the problems are. You will also find out if there are any solutions that are being offered and find out what has worked and what has not. By finding out this information you will be able to laser target your solution to the right people.

There are numerous ways to qualify a niche. For myself I always start at the Google Keyword Planner. Type that phrase into the Google search box and follow the relevant links. I have also written a book on exactly how to use this resource and you can find out more about this by CLICKING HERE.

Once into the planner you need to be looking for search results of around 10,000+ per month with not much competition from advertisers. When you have found this you have discovered what is called a “micro niche”

Then check digital marketplaces such as Clickbank and to see if products have been created or not. If there is not any then you may be onto a winner. If there is a product don’t be put off. One suggestion would be to purchase the product. This will give you an opportunity to produce a better quality one and take to market. Do not copy it. Make it unique.

Constantly Search

All successful internet marketers are constantly searching for new markets or niches to enter into. This allows them to create what is called “Multiple Income Streams

Also by doing this you can get ideas for other products in that niche which can compliment each other. By doing this you may be able to have say 3,4 or 5 different products which are all making you money.

You can again use the Google Keyword Planner to discover new markets aswell as simply going to your local newsagent and looking at the variety of magazines that are for sale. You can be sure that if printed material is being produced then there is a market with buyers waiting for your next product.

A great way of providing a great service to your customers is to simply offer other products to them as an upsell. The customer knows, likes and trust you so you will have a very good chance of them purchasing something else.

Take Amazon for example. When you look at something or add a product to your shopping cart they are always offering you a similar related product. By offering you more value they make more money as they have you hooked with credit card in hand. You are a hot buyer!

Drilling Down

I touched on this earlier. What this means is finding a micro niche within a broad market.

Maybe your passion is Golf like myself. Golfers are frustrated people but are very passionate about the sport.

Now Golf is a broad market but if you drill down into something like “golf tuition” you are focusing more specifically. If you drill down even further you may be able to find out that there are a lot of golfers who have trouble slicing or fading the ball.

What you could do then is source a golf expert such as your local professional. Between the two of you you could produce an instructional video course on how to stop slicing the ball and you could also produce an e-book. Suddenly you have a product line albeit small but it is something to work on.

That is just one example. Whatever niche you are in there are plenty of experts that you could work with. It could be as simple as interviewing them and producing a product.

You will then be seen as an expert in your field. Try and think out of the box and find a niche where you can offer other products/service as I mentioned earlier with the golf example.

Once you have mastered this first habit it is simply a rinse and repeat exercise to enter into other markets.

Well that is the first of the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers so I will leave you to digest this information and tomorrow we will go into the 2nd habit which is Consistency.

As always I wish you well.

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