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pete harrisHi and welcome to the official blog on Pete Harris and I would like to personally thank you for sparing your valuable time in looking through my website.

Now I do not want to presume anything but is it fair to say that you have checked out my website because maybe you are unhappy with your current professional life or you are just looking for a way to earn some extra income from home to lets say make life a little bit more comfortable.

It may be that your are looking for a way to earn a full time income with having the luxery of having more quality time with your family or to enjoy your favourite pastimes.

You may be stuck for ideas and just do not know how to get started. The list is endless but do not despair I am very confident that you will find some answers here that will help you become a little more clear on what you could possibly do but more so on what you want to do.

I would just like to clarify for your peace of mind, I am a real person, that is my real picture and I was in a position which maybe you are, spinning my wheels, going through the motions, settling for what I had.

First and foremost I want you to know that I am here to help. I would like you to step back and ask yourself WHY  you are here. Once you find that answer it will be a lot easier to find the solution, and do not worry my friend the answer is out there.

If it ok with you I would just like to give you a few details of WHY I am here, hopefully my story is something that you can relate to.

Back In TimeTurn the clock back to 1990 and I was in the position of hating my job. I had a senior position within a family owned printing company. I ws stressed out and I dreaded the morning commute because I knew that I had the day from hell in front of me.

One day everything was brought to a head and I had had enough. I QUIT. I had no job lined up. Three weeks later once I had worked my notice I set up my own business. Some people including family members thought I was MAD. Also I feel that I have to mention is that my girlfriend at the time worked in the same company as was pregnant with my oldest son, she QUIT aswell, but I made that decision and stuck to it. I have not worked for any body else since that day.

The point that I am making is that if you are finding yourself in that position of hating and dreading your job and wondering if there is something better out there you have to make a decision.

You can stay as you are or CHANGE your life. I am not saying you have to go to the extreme as I did but only you can change your destiny.

I will share a lot more about my story on my About Me page. I am now in a position that enables me to earn a full time income without having to work full time hours.

How would you like to build your own digital life?  Would you like me to help you?Freedom

I am in a position that I can introduce you some of the best online business programs which enable me and could enable you to live a life of freedom. Freedom from money constraints and allowing you to have time freedom with your loved ones.

The main purpose of this website is to introduce you to some amazing opportunities that are available. It is my belief that you can not achieve success on your own. I should know I have tried it. Everybody needs help and no one should be ashamed to ask for it.

This website is designed to incorporate many different business models. What suits one person does not necessarily suit another person. I have been invloved in many different business models and I will be honest with you some have not worked out. Under the tabs above you will find a wealth of information about what I prsonally have succeeded in and the resources that I personally use.

What you wont find here are “Get Rich Quick” schemes. Trust me I have tried them and they simply do not work. Everthing you will find here requires you to do some work. Hopefully as you get to know me you will find out I am a great one for “sayings”.

My ultimate number 1 is “You Only Get Out What You Put In“. I will say no more.

So Just Who Is This Website Designed For?

While developing this website I have thought long and hard about Who I Can Help. I have thought about peoples lifestyle and budgets and hopefully I have come up with some good options.

I have come up with a general list. Apologies if I have missed any body out, if I have leave me a message and I will add you on.

  • Stay At Home Parents
  • Single Parents
  • People Who Are Fed Up With Their Job
  • Early Retirees
  • People Who Have Been Made Redundant
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Existing Online Marketers
  • Offline Business Owners
  • Generlly People With Time On Their Hands
  • People Who Ar Looking For A Change In Direction
  • People Who Want To Spend More Time With The Family
  • People In Debt
  • University Graduates

I am always on the look out for new business opportunities and you will be the first to know when I find them. I can not guarantee that you will make money, how could I as I do not know you but what I can guarantee is that I will endeavour to help you along your journey.

That is my pledge to you – “My Word Is My Bond”

Good luck and I wish you every success.

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Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Information Publisher

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  • Thanks for this. Very informative. Looking forward for 2017 what do you imagine to be the biggest change in the social media landscape? For me I’ll be focusing on gaining traffic from Tumblr. Any tips?

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