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Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Ad Campaign

After putting so much effort into a YouTube ad campaign, marketers become eager to get instant likes and comments. However, their videos don’t work every time. They feel disgruntled, but optimization of their advertising campaign can help them to stand out from the crowd and get a higher return from their investment.

Here are some tips to optimize your YouTube ad campaign easily.

youtube ad campaign

Keyword Selection

This may be an overlooked part of Video ad campaigns, but keywords are the main factor that affects the campaign. The right keywords can help you to target your desired audience. To get a higher ranking in search results and boost traffic, you need to implement effective keywords.


To keep your YouTube ad campaign running smoothly and successfully, it is recommended that you optimize your bid. If you don’t monitor and control your bids regularly, your ad campaign can spin out of control too quickly. How you optimize your bidding totally depends on your budget. The main objective of your ad campaign is to get a positive return from advertising on YouTube.

Placement Of Call-To-Actions

Placement of a CTA can make a big difference in your ad campaign. It is suggested to add Call-To-Action overlays, and link them to a product page or landing page.  These are created within AdWords and can be modified with a thumbnail, ad copy and an outside link. Adding relevant call-to-action buttons on your video content will increase the audience engagement, as well.

Adding And Excluding Placements

By managing placements of your video ads, you can greatly optimize your YouTube video ad campaign. If you find certain places where your video ads are running, but are not performing as good as others, then consider exclusion of these places to stop showing your ads to inappropriate viewers. If you find some places where your ads are not running and you think they can perform well there, consider adding those places and test it.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube provides you free access to YouTube Analytics, where you can see user engagement for your video ads and earnings reports. This way, you can easily track the revenue coming from your campaign. Also you can see the video parameters, like the length of your video a viewer watched, where they dropped off or hit skip, where they paused or rewound your video ad.

Likes, dislikes, comments, favorites and shares can also be tracked using YouTube analytics.

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youtube ads made easy training guide

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I hope that these tips on how to optimize your YouTube ad campaign have been helpful and don’t forget to reserve your copy of my YouTube advertising training guide here.

To your success.

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