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The Six Figure Mentors Is A Great Work From Home Business Opportunity

If you are looking for a work from home business opportunity you will probably realise that there are many options available to you.

Some are good and some not so as I will testify. I have bought into many programs over the last few years with the hope of it being the one. My inbox still gets loads of the “Next Big Thing” or “How To Make $20k In 30 Days” rubbish which marketers with no morals still try and push onto people.

It makes me angry that people do this because speaking from experience I have spent thousands of dollars and made nothing from them.

Which leads me onto why I am writing to you today. You obviously have been considering working from home or you would not be on this webpage and yes I am going to introduce you to a work from home business opportunity.

Now you are probably thinking “Here We Go Again”, another marketer trying to sell me something and you would be right as it is in my interests to do that and I make no apologies.

You may be sceptical which is only natural as I would be and indeed I was when I first came across this opportunity. What I won’t do is hype it up but instead I will lay it out as it is and let you make a informed decision.

Six Figure MentorsSo my recommended work from home business opportunity is the Six Figure Mentors. You will be an affiliate to the company promoting their product line and for each sale you generate you will receive a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is great because all the heavy lifting has been done for you. This is in regard to research, creating, developing and testing the product and also the fulfilment of the product is handled as well.

You just have to do the marketing and the Six Figure Mentors will show you how to do that. So it really is a turnkey business solution but don’t just take my word for it do your own due diligence and research the company by CLICKING HERE!

The Six Figure Mentors is an educational platform for business owners to develop the skills needed to run a successful online business through their different training and mentorship programs.

So you will be learning everything you need to know at the same time as promoting the same programs to other business owners for which you get paid for.

They offer multiple programs and software products to promote as well as what is called their “High Ticket Products” which cost multiple thousands of dollars. As a basic member you can earn 5% of a $20,000 program which is a $1000 commission.

So Here Are Some Facts & Figures

It costs $29.95 to apply for an account. If you sell an application you will receive $20 in commission.

The Basic membership cost is $297 and if you sell this you will receive upto $200 in commision.

There is a $97 monthly account fee and for each member who joins through your affiliate link you receive $20 in monthly residual income.

Now just to clarify that you have to go through this process and purchase these 2 products to be able to promote and make commissions.

So the maximum amount to open an affiliate marketing business at the basic member level is $326.95 plus the monthly $97.

There are five training programs which you can upgrade to ranging from $2500 – $20,000 which you can promote.

If you buy each respective program yourself then you commission rate increases because you are the consumer of the product.

By doing this not only do you enhance your knowledge your are also raising you income opportunity levels.

It would take me far too long to go through all the different commission levels in this post but as soon as you become a member then within your account you will be able to see all the commissions that you can earn for all the different products.

So this is a real business opportunity and not one of those pie in the sky push button software programs. As soon as you join your training starts and it is a step-by-step process.

You will have skype meetings with business coaches and you will attend live workshops which works alongside a digital business blueprint that is created for you.

The 5 modules are an A-Z of of getting your business up and running and you will also be able to attend live weekly training webinars hosted by the most successful people in the company.

So as you can see the training is there as well as the products to promote and you can be assured that the support you need is available to hand.

So Now You Have 3 Options

Option # 1 – You do nothing and stay as you are and I will totally respect that if that is your wish.

Option # 2 – Is to click on the banner below and enter your email address to receive a 7 day video series which explains more in detail.

Six Figure MentorsOption # 3 – This is for action takers. I can fast track you to the application process and get you started for a fee of $29.95. If this is you and you want to take action right now then click on the Apply Now button below and you will be taken to the Application Form. Fill it in and submit it NOW!

Six Figure Mentors ApplicationSo I have shown you a real work from home business opportunity and I hope to see you on the inside.

As always I wish you well.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Consultant

Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

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