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So What Is A Franchise & Are There Alternatives So You Can Launch Your Own Brand Aware Business?

What Is A FranchiseSo what is a franchise? Basically it is an agreement between two parties, the Franchisor & Franchisee. This allows the Franchisee to distribute and sell the products and services of the Franchisor.

This benfits the Franchisee in respects that they can go to market under a proven brand with the help and support of the Franchise company.

So if you have been asking yourself what is a franchise you can be assure that you can have a turnkey business solutionto to enable you to launch your new business in over 100 different industries.

You can expect to get all the necessary training, manuals, brand standard, quality control, marketing strategies and business support because at the end of the day you will be representing a company brand and obviously they have their reputation to uphold.

You can also expect to be given your own territory of trading. This is in place so you don’t compete with other Franchisees within you local specific area. This is a good feature but you have to expect competition from other companies and independent traders in your certain niche or field of business.

So there are a lot of benefits from taking on a Franchise as I have just mentioned. But the law of nature is that there are con’s opposed to the pro’s.

One of the major things to take into account is the cost. Franchises are notoriously expensive. There is a wide price range and you need to be aware that this can be in the tens of thousands, hundeds of thousands and even millions of dollars.

Also you will be working under the Franchisors guidelines on trading policies, what you can and can not do. In some ways although it is your business you could look at it as though you are buying a JOB!

Your trading is limited to the hours you open and you are relying on the people within your local area for business.

So Are There Alternatives To Franchising?

Pete HarrisI once looked at a carpet cleaning franchise. This is about 15 years ago and the outlay would have been around £20,000 (I am based in the UK).

Now I looked at that figure and thought “I am going to have to clean a lot of carpets before I see any form of R.O.I”. So what I did was source carpet cleaning equipment manufacturers and I chose one that offered me training. The two day course cost me £150 and the start up package was just under £3000. I also got training on how to market my business.

Yes the marketing was down to me but I already had a domestic cleaning business so I could add this service onto my existing client base so I was good to go. This principle you could do in any business that you may be involved in.

So just to recap. Having a Franchise is having the insurance of selling products and services of an established brand. Support, backup and training will be provided but it could cost you multiple thousands of dollars and over $1 Million in some cases.

So would you be interested if I told you that you could have a form of of a Digital Franchise selling and promoting eduscational training programs in the business development market and you could get started for just $297.

Also you can get paid commissions on products of $20,000 and do this all from the comfort of your own home.

You will immediately have the support and the brand awareness of one of the most innovative companies in the business growth and development niche.

At the same time you will be gaining the skills to build and grow your own existing business using the most powerful strategies and technology avaialble today.

Yes you have to comply with the companies terms and conditions but it is your independent business that you can trade globally so you are not limited to a specific territory.

There are no premises to buy or rent, no vehicles to buy or lease, no stock to buy and you can do all this by yourself so there is no need to employ staff.

Your overheads are minimal. You will need an internet connection and a computer but that is all.

You will be able to create multiple income streams as opposed to just one if you bought a Franchise but the most satisfying thing will be that you are helping other businesses both traditional and online grow and expand.

So What Is This Company?

Well in fact there are two. The Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy.

In just a few short years they have become a powerhouse in the online education and training in helping business grow within the digital economy that we are now in.

They offer multiple training programs and mentorships at different levels from being a part time entrepreneur all the way up to building you own major brand awareness so that you are the go to person in your specific field.

You can earn while you learn. Take action and implement what you have learnt to build you own business and when you are at the stage you can move upto the next level.

What you will be doing is sharing this information with other business owners and you will get paid for it. You are the consumer of the products.

I could sit here for hours and talk about the SFM & DEA but it would be easier to grant you access to a complimentary video series which will tell you more about the company and opportunity available to you right now.

Click on the image below NOW to receive the first video instantly.

Six Figure MentorsSo if you have been wondering what is a franchise now you know and you are now aware of the alternatives available to you at a fraction of the cost.

As always I wish you well.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

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