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Do You Still Get Paid When You Are Sick?

Get Paid While You Are SickWe all think that we are indestructible but at the end of the day we are all human beings and sometimes things happen which are beyond our control which means we become sick.

So what happens when you do become sick and do you still get paid. Have you been in this situation in the past and how did you cope? Also have you got plans in place to counteract this event.

I know that some companies offer very good sickness benefit packages as my wife works for one of them. Also in the UK we have something called statuatory sick pay but that does not cover all your wages.

Also this is particularly significant to self employed people because if you work for yourself then you don’t get paid if you don’t go to work. Yes you may have policies in place but there are a lot of forms to fill in if you have to make a claim and if it is only for a few days we, and I say we because I am self employed, don’t bother to fill them out. So we lose money!

This is particularly significant to myself at this moment in time. I have one or two health problems which I won’t go into but it may result in a spell in hospital and convalescence. It is effecting my cleaning business as I am unable to run on 100% productivity.

So what is the answer?

Multiple Income Streams & Residual Income.

Let me explain what I mean. Firstly multiple income streams. Pretty self explanatory but how do you create them?

I have written a post previously which explains more in detail which you can read by clicking here but basically you set up streams or funnels of incomes which all merge into one pot.

This is relatively straightforward by leveraging the internet where you can set up these streams and if you do it right can run on auto-pilot. Meaning they are working for you 24/7 365 days a year.

Some streams will perform better than others and yes you do rely on them selling products but if you have enough set up you are usually ok.

The other is residual income. The difference with this is that you sell a product once but receive payments month in month out as long as the customer keeps paying the fee or subscription.

This really is the cherry on the icing on the cake. Your marketing costs are the same as if you are selling a one off product but you keep getting paid.

So if you are in the position of being off work and findind hard to make ends meet then maybe it is something that you might like to look into setting up. Regardless of the fact of being ill now it could happen in the future so it could benefit you to set them up now.

Don’t be complacent and think it won’t happen. In certain respects I have been but I have fingers in a few pies so that I still have money coming in while I am not feeling so well.

The Solution

To put your plan in action then please CLICK HERE and find out more about a comapny called the Six Figure Mentors which is a training and mentoring platform which will show you how to set up multiple income streams and benefit from residual income payments so that the next time you are lets just say under the weather you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the bills are being paid.

I hope that this post has given you an insight on how illness can effect your income and it gives you the confidence to know that there are solutions available to you.

As always I wish you well.

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