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Discover How To Turn Water Into Wine With The Six Figure Mentors

Water Into WineSo what has turning water into wine got to do with starting an online business. You maybe confused and think that I have gone off my trolley but let me explain.

Water is an essential part of life. You need it to survive. A fine wine is something that matures with age.

Water is a relatively  low cost resource  whereas wine as it matures has an ever increasing value. The thing is that you need water to make wine.

So if you have had the idea of starting an online business there is a process a bit like winemaking that you need to go through to make it a success.

You may have already looked into how to start an online business and have come across what are called “shiny objects“. Systems and programs which promise you the earth and deliver nothing. They cost in some respects fortunes but you never see a return on your investment.

What you need is a structured process to turn the conception of your business into a matured machine where you will literally enjoy the fruits of your labour.

six figure mentorsThis is a process that you can achieve with the Six Figure Mentors. Let me explain.

Turn Water Into Wine With The Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors is a cutting edge and industry leading training and mentoring program which also offers the best opportunity to launch and operate a successful online business.

Lets go through the Six Figure Mentors process.


The essential ingredient (WATER)

The Six Figure Mentors Application Pack $29.95

Once you have submitted your application and it has been accepted then you will become a member of the Six Figure Mentors and you will hold an Introductory Account which has the following features.

  • You will access to exclusive Six Figure Mentors seminar footage.
  • You will basic access to the Digital Business Lounge which is a suite of software products and tools which covers lead capture pages, tracking software and the ability to launch and host wordpress websites.
  • Access to the Introductory module which gives an overview of what the Six Figure Mentors is and explains the process of how you can operate a profitable online business.
  • An allocated Personal Business Coach who will be availble to discuss your needs and aspirations and will give you all the guidance that you will need.
  • As a bonus you will get access to a recorded live workshop which shows you how to go from “Zero To Six Figures“.

Ingredients & Fermenting

This part of the process is where you get to advance by upgrading your account to become a Basic Member where you get all the features of the Introductory Account as well as the ingredients to build your business.

  • A Turnkey Digital Business System.
  • Ready made Lead Capture Pages to enable you to get leads (subscribers) to your business.
  • Multiple Training Courses in all aspects of Internet Marketing.
  • Designated Senior Business Coach and a bespoke Digital Entrepreneur Blueprint.
  • Weekly live training webinars.
  • The opportunity to upgrade your staus to Elite level and to enroll into the Digital Experts Academy where you can make commissions of $1000 – $8000 for a single sale.

Maturing & Bottling

So once you have got to this stage your business is up and running and continuing to mature and thrive. It is up to you to bottle that success and enjoy sampling the fruits of your labour.

So What To Do Now

It is quite simple. You need to get the essential (Water) element to start the process.

The Six Figure Mentors Application Pack costs $29.95 and you can get the fast track application form by clicking the image below.

six figure mentors
Submit Your Six Figure Mentors Application Here

So that is the process of turning water into wine with the Six Figure Mentors. A $29.95 investment could potentially mature into a six figure income.

As always I wish you well.

pete harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Consultant

Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

Pete Harris – Water Into Wine – Top


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