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Increase You Internet Marketing Knowledge With The Six Figure Mentors Training

online marketing trainingWhenever you start  a new venture you need to have the best training available and in the Internet Marketing world there is nothing that compares to the Six Figure Mentors training resources that you receive with your membership.

Now you could buy numerous courses individually costing many thousands of dollars as I have in the past before I joined the Six Figure Mentors.

On the other hand you could have access to the vast vaults of training courses within your own back office dashboard.

So in order to be completely transparent I would like to show you what the Six Figure Mentors back office is and show you the training you get.

SFM Back office

So as you can see in the image above I have shown you the drop down menu under the training tab. First we will concentrate on the courses.

SFM Back OfficeAs you can see there are 14 courses covering all aspects and platforms of internet marketing. All of the courses consist of live workshops, video demonstrations and PDF’s you can download and print off.

The value in monetary terms is in the thousands of dollars and the value of the knowledge itself is priceless and as such should be seen as an investment in yourself.

I am not going to go through all the courses in detail but what I will point out is the top one “Zero to Six Figures” workshop. This is a recorded one day workshop hosted by Stuart Ross the co-founder and this is included as a bonus when you successfully submit your application for your Introductory Account.

All of the courses listed you have access to when you become a Basic Member of the Six Figure Mentors.

Under the drop down menu of the first image you will notice that there is an Archived Training tab.

SFM Back office In here you have archived live training webinars coveering WordPress, business plans and all the previous Founder Calls which are hosted by Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek every first Thursday of the month. Here they share strategies and tips aswell as any updates to the system. The company is always evolving.

Stuart & Jay also have their own bespoke courses which they have created.

Stuart’s is “Attraction Marketing”

Attraction MarketingJay’s is Black Box Vault/Black Book

Black_BoxBlack_Box_2In addition to this you get 10 more of Jay’s mastermind videos.

Live Weekly Trainings

You have the opportunity to attend live webinar trainings on multiple days of the week. Some are question and answer where you get to raise any issues that you may be having adn you get to ask the advice of some of the leading members in the Six Figure Mentors community.

Also on Thursday’s you can attend the live Master Marketing Webinars with Guy & Ilan Ferdman who guide you through trainings of the features of your Digital Marketing System aswell as different marketing platforms. They are the Facebook kings!

The Training Continues If You Decide To Upgrade Your Account To Elite Level Status

SFM Back officeHere you have access to 2 more courses aswell as having regular live webinar traings with Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek. You also gain access to all the previous webinar trainings which are archved in your back office.

So this is all the training material you have within your Six Figure Mentors back office. I hope that you agree that it is a very impressive array of resources.

There are 3 levels of membership and your trainings apply to what level you are at.

To start the ball rolling I would like to invite to subscribe to receive a complimentary video training series. The series will be delivered to your inbox over 7 days where Stuart & Jay will show you what goes on behind the scenes at the Six Figure Mentors and it will include training on how you can start a profitable online business from scratch.

You will also get to hear first hand from former students who have become leaders in the company. They will touch on their own personal stories and just what the SIx Figure Mentors means to them.

Click on the image below and enter your email address and you will receive the 1st training of the series instantly. If you like what you see then you can apply for an Introductory Account at any time.

six figure mentors
Click Here To Access Your Complimentary 7 Day Video Series

So as you can see the Six Figure Mentors training is extensive to say the least. There is no other place where you can have access to this amount of training in one place. Click on the image above to start your training.

As always I wish you well.

pete harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Consultant

Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

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