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What Are The Comparisons Between The Six Figure Mentors & A Market Stall?

market stallAs you may know from previous posts or by clicking on the “About Me” tab I was once a market trader on open air markets around East Anglia in the UK and North London.

You may also be a bit confused about the title of this post but all will be revealed a I share my experiences of being an independant retailer and being a member of the Six Figure Mentors.

del boySo back to 1990 I invested my savings of around £5000 in a van, stall and stock and hit the road. I refrained from the sheepskin coat and flat cap made famous by Del Boy in the classic sit com “Only Fools & Horses” and made sure that all my stock was authentic and legitimate!

I had just fininshed my corporate job on the Friday and two days later I stood on my first market. What a transformation I experienced. I was the new kid on the block and immediately I was welcomed into an amazing community. Even people selling the same lines as me introduced themselves to me and gave advice on where to buy stock and how to set up my stall.

Windy days came and people were rushing over to me to help me put my tarpaulin on, or tilt as we called them, so I could trade.

Two days earlier I had left the corporate world of back stabbing and “it was his fault” attitudes. I had been adopted into a family of people and it was very easy to reciprocate all the good feelings and intentions.

I was a member of this community for 2 years and it was a total wrench to leave but circumstances of a recession and the conception of discount stores opening up everwhere and the major supermarkets, who were the big players, squeezing the independant retailer on the markets and high street so that it became impossible to carry on.

Just a few years later the internet went live and the rest is history in relation to Amazon and Ebay setting up and now everything is going online with e-commerce. One click of a button and you can have anything delivered to your front door.

So how have I come up with the comparison of the Six Figure Mentors to my previous life of being a market trader?

six figure mentorsIn 1990 I changed direction and in February 2014 I began a transition period by joining the Six Figure Mentors. Immediately I was contacted by my referring sponsor Mark Ford to welcome me and then proceeded to have online conversations with Irene Webster & Brenda Campbell at head office.

A few days later I spoke to my business coach Daniel Stewart and then attended an orientation webinar with Jay Kubassek who is the co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy. All of this in the first 5 days of joining.

The feelings of being involved in a community again came flooding back. People were there to help me when I needed them. Then there is the amazing community website where you can interact with other members. Whether that just to say hello or if you have teething problems with the technical stuff to even discussing strategies there is always someone to call upon. The main thing is you are not alone.

For many years I have been operating my own cleaning business and although I have around 300 clients who I see each month life can sometimes become very lonely.

Yes I say hello and maybe have a few words when they pay me but the scenario is that I move onto another job so I spend a lot of time on my own.

I don’t want to sugar coat anything and I will say that running an online business can be lonely at some stages. You sit in your home office in front of the computer and at times it can become very frustrating.

At this moment in time I am building up my online business and spend 1 day a week at home during the week as well as evenings and weekends. It is very reassuring knowing that whatever the time of day it is there is always someone online that I can turn to.

So my new friends at the Six Figure Mentors are like my old ones on the markets. They are there to help me as I am them at any time. I trust them 100% and I am eternally grateful to them fro the welcome that I have received and the ongoing support. To find out how you too can become a member of such an amazing community then please CLICK HERE for more information.

This post has gone on a little longer than I had envisaged and there are so many more things I want to talk about regarding how the Six Figure Mentors can help independant retailers and small business owners so I will leave that until tomorrow if that is ok with you. So until then.

As always I wish you well.

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