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Clear Your Mental Desk (A.K.A) The Brain Dump

The Brain DumpHave you got lots of things going on in your head right now. You know the things that are stopping you sleeping because you keep avoiding the issue.

Things that you keep putting off and always making excuses as to why you don’t need to do them.

If this is you then you seriously need to do what is called “clear your mental desk”. In other words a brain dump.

We all have very busy lives both professionally and in private. We are constantly saying to ourselves “I must make time to do that” and we have all the best intentions to follow through but we often fall short.

What results is that things don’t get done and we then stress about it and the situation gets steadily worse.

Would’nt it be good if you could learn how to rectify the situation?

Up until very recently I was suffering from this. Two businesses to run, people I need to get in touch with, the garden to winterize as I call it. That coupled with the normal things like bills to pay the situation was beginning to get out of control.

The I joined a challenge with a company I am involved with. It is a 30 day success challenge to enhance my  online business.

The company is called the Six Figure Mentors and the challenge has been set by the co-founder Stuart Ross.

The main core elements are to blog daily, regularly communicate with our list of subscribers and to interact with other members of the community that is the Six Figure Mentors. All 3 boxes have been ticked.

So at this moment in time we are at day 14 which has flown by. Having completed the daily tasks set out from day 1 I have made time to go through the past 13 days just to make sure that I had not missed anything.

So as I am going through it I thought I would let you in on some tips which we have covered in the first week which has been structured to emphasise productivity in business.

Although I am in the niche of internet marketing the tips can relate to any business and I thought it would be of benefit to you.

So first up which will explain the title of this post is all about clearing your head. In other words a brain dump. Getting rid of the clutter which could be holding you back and being less productive.

So this excercise is something that I had never done before but I have found it to be of immense value. So here goes.

Clear Your Mental Desk ( A.K.A.  BRAIN DUMP)

Grab yourself a piece of paper and write down everything that is on your mind. It does not have to be all business, it can be family issues, what your concerns are, what your worries are and things like projects that are still awaiting completion.

Once you have your list put a star against everything that you feel is within your control and that you can actually do something about.

Then the things that you have not put a start against because they are out of your control simply cross off the list. Be clear in your mind and consciously let it go. It may be hard but you must do this.

The next step is to transfer the items that you have placed a star against onto a clean sheet of paper. Focus on the most important which will make the biggest difference in you life and number them. Number 1 being the most important.

Then make a plan of action and schedule them into a time frame which you are capable to meet and set to work and cross them off when they are complete.

The end result is that your brain is dumped onto paper and you become more productive and you will feel a huge weight has been lifted of your shoulder.

Rinse and repeat this say every 3 months or whatever you are comfortable with and over the next few months the productivity levels of your business and personal life will increase significantly.

Try it and I would love to get some feedback from you through email or connecting with me through social media.

As always I wish you well.

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