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Modelling & Mentoring Is The 7th Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Successsful Internet Marketers

Modelling & Mentoring is the final post in this series of the 7 habits of highly successful internet markets.

Modelling & Mentoring

Modelling and Mentoring

Abundance Mentality

When you adopt a mentality of abundance you get to see that there is enough for everyone and that opportunities are all around you. Also this creates your future as you start to create situations that you can benefit from aswell as giving benefits to others.

An example of this is if you have good outsourcers working for you then you may want to recommend them to other marketers in your circle of influence for them to benefit from aswell as the outsourcer. By doing this other people will reciprocate.

Also you can start to create other revenue streams as you can show other marketers how you have built these relationships and provide mindset training. You can show them how you have built your business and for your outsourcers you can help them create their own businesses for which you could have a stake in which will provide you with residual income.


Having the right mindset truly seperates the average from the good and the great. Your drive behind your actions stems from having a reason for them. As the saying goes “If you have a big enough why, the how takes care of itself“.

So you need to find the reason for doing internet marketing. Is it to make your families life better, is it so that your spouse can stop working, you may need to top up your pesion pot, is it to allow you to travel more, the list goes on but I am sure you get the point. Once you know your reason it will allow you to put your heart and soul into it.

It helps if you love what you do and you will soon find yourself in the flow so the work will not seem like work and will become effortless.

Look at the things that you like and have a passion for and then do the research to see if there are any products on the market which suit people like you. Then you can narrow it down to markets that are not being served where there is still a demand.

By being successful in you chosen field you will inspire people to follow their dreams to do what they love. You can then teach others how they can do it too.

Model Mentors

Now before you share all this information with others it is important to find mentors who you can model yourself on. Without finding mentors will mean you struggle harder and longer in order to succeed.

When you find a mentor you can basically copy and paste. Model the system they have used and apply it to your business. Find out their strategies and what mindset they adopted to get there.

What you can then do is teach your methods to others and make it a service where you can earn from. The knock on effect is that you help to create more entrepreneurs who in turn create opportunities for the outsourcers they hire.

This is a very hands on approach to learning and evolving yourself as you learn strategies that your mentors used. You adapt them to your business and each time you learn you implement it. You see what works and you replicate it. All the time you are transforming yourself through taking action.


We have already looked at a lot of reasons why teaching is a great thing to do. By far the greatest thing is aswell as passing on your knowledge you yourself will learn at a deeper level.

What you will find is that you will learn from your students as they will ask you questions which will make you re-evaluate and work more on your knowledge in order to give them the answer.

This allows you and your students to learn togetherr and it also lets your students get a sense of leadership. They will learn more effectively and recommend you to others.


Everything that you have learnt in these habits will naturally improve your business. Working on goals that are bigger than just you and sharing your knowledge to benefit others.

All of these habits will help you find the vital few. What  I mean is the few practices, ideas, mindsets, and relationships that produce the most effective and powerful results.

By having a mentor and then eventually becoming yourself you tap into these vital things. You can find out much more about my mentors by clicking on the image at the end of this post.

Your business will flourish in ways far wider than the scope of its products and services mainly because you are able to find ways of helping more people. The icing on the cake is that you get paid for it!

Well that warps up this series of post on the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers. I hope that you found all the information that I have shared with you extremely valuable and it has given you the confidence to get out there and be successful in your internet marketing businesses.

Asl always I wish you well.

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  • I agree to the mindset that you’re talking about Pete. I suppose those marketers who did not forget their reason why they are here in this industry became successful. This is truly one of the 7 habits of high successful entrepreneurs and internet marketers out there. Great article!

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