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Systems Is The 4th Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Successsful Internet Marketers

Developing and implementing Systems is the 4th of the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers.


SystemsFocus On Strengths

Having systems in place allows you to gain a better perspective on your business and they also allow you to have more scope.

Talkng from an entrepreneurial standpoint when you set up your systems it allows you to take control and it stops you worrying about the fine details. This is where outsourcing takes an important part of your business which we will touch on later.

By having everything in place you are then able to work on your business instead of working in your business.

All the most successful internet marketers have this mindset. Your business becomes more streamlined and it ultimately makes it more profitable.

What you continue to do is refine your methods and test them to make them even more streamlined and then you move onto the next one.


If you have a measurable system it allows you to see exactly what is working and what is not. It allows you to take stock because you can see the results of the testing that you do.

An example is having Google Analytics set up on your site. This allows you to see exactly where all your traffic is coming from, how much traffic and what pages your visitors are looking at and for how long.

There are other analytic softwares but I personally find that Google Analytics gives you all the information you need and it is a free resource.


When I say straightforward I don’t mean to imply that it is easy or simple. What I do mean is that it should be broken down into logical steps.

What you can then do is reverse engineer. You come up with then end result and work backwards to enable you to put together a methodical step by step system to get you to your final goal.

What you then do is lay out this step by step system in a way so that anybody can do it. They don’t need any specific training and only need to be shown how to do it.

Maybe then you outsource it to people on sites like Elance or Odesk so it allows you to do what you do best within your business.

The other thing about having a straightforward system you should not get complacent. Success will only come if you consistently keep applying it.


The good thing about having a scalable system is that you can apply the principle to any market or niche.

If you find a profitable niche then it allows you to find micro niches within that niche. What you do is apply your system and each micro niche then becomes an individual asset.

This is where outsourcing comes into its own. All you have to do is manage you workforce. There are many workers in places like India and the Philippines who are very hard working and skilled but command less wages. This means you make more profits by leveraging their efforts.


By replicating your system you can apply it to multiple products and markets. Also your system becomes an asset which you can market to other people to make money with it.

If you are making multiple $0000’s a month then people will buy your coaching products and personal consultations.

The ultimate goal of a replicable system is to set up enough of them so that you can become financially free. This allows you to concentrate more on the creative side of your business.

So that is it for systems being the 4th of the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers and tomorrow we will be concentrating on Outsourcing.

As always I wish you well.

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Pete Harris

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  • Great read Peter! Having systems and procedures in place is absolutely essential in any business. Having this set up as well as outsourcing tasks that can easily be managed by a third party, can help you focus on the income producing activities, which is key! Looking forward to reading your next blog post on outsourcing soon.

    To your success,
    Gerard and Chris Hall

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