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Traffic Control Is The 3rd Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Successsful Internet Marketers

Traffic Control is the 3rd of the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers have within their internet businesses.

Traffic Control

Website Traffic ControlUnderstanding Traffic Types

Traffic is vital to any internet marketing business. It is the heatbeat and lifeblood but you need to understand where you get it from and more importantly just how to keep it.

It may sound an obvious statement but generally the more traffic you get then the more money you will make.

The thing is that all the different traffic sources will bring you different types of people to your website.

Ultra targeted people from say pay per click campaigns will bring you better traffic than a general non-targetd article that you may put up on an article directory.

Also different sources will be both short term and long term but you will find that you need both types to ensure that you receive a stable income.

You may think that placing links in your forum signature on in your bio boxes for your articles are insignificant but they are vital seeds you are planting for long term growth.

Viral Marketing

A very underestimated method which a lot of people may not understand but it is immensely powerful when you use it the correct way.

One of the main purposes of viral marketing is to create a sense of intrigue. This could be centered around your product and services aswell as around your website in general.

Whatever you, your products or your website stand for it must make you stand out from the crowd. Whatever this is must connect with people and ultimately cause an emotional reaction from your visitor.

This could be as simple as making them laugh or it could stir up emotions so much that they feel the need to engage in a conversation with you in person  or online.

One of the best ways for people to find your piece of viral content is to write a press release about a video that you have created which links back to your website.

Another way is now in this age of social media is to post content on Facebook or Twitter so that people share it with their contacts and friends and then those people share it and so on.

List Building

This is one of the most powerful ways of controlling your traffic. If you have a large responsive list in your market who are interested in you and your products then really you will not have to worry about any other traffic source.

Initially it costs money to build and should be seen as a valuable asset. Once it is built it is effectively free traffic and the nearest thing to push button money.

One of the best ways to start building your list is to offer something for free. This needs to be  perceived as highly valuable and what you are asking for is for people to be reciprocal by giving you their email address.

Then when you have them on your list it is all about forming a relationship so that the subscriber gets to know, like and trust you enough to buy from you.

When you turn leads into customers you have effectively two lists. Freebie seekers and customers which you can promote relevant offers to.

The stark truth is that some people will never buy anything and you have to accept that. On the other hand the buyers that you have are more than likely to purchase further higher valued products and if you treat them right they will be customers for life.

Joint Ventures

Super cool and super powerful method of building lists. Basically you connect with fellow marketers and it has a sense of “you scratch my back & I will scratch yours”.

For example you mail your list with their offer and vice versa. It has absolutely no cost involved.

One way to start is to create a product for somebody elses list. You do the work, they mail their list and you split the profits.

You are both happy because you have made money but more importantly you have gained a list of buyers.

Using this type of leverage will help you build your business a lot faster and it will make your business a much more valuable asset.

Pay Per Click

Probably the fastest way of getting traffic. You have platforms such as Google, Bing & Facebook which are a great way of getting your ads out there.

You will probably see traffic pour into your site or offer but you need to realise that it is not free and if you don’t know what you are doing it can become expensive.

The good thing about P.P.C is that it is great for testing. If your ad is not working then take it down and if it becomes profitable then scale it up.

It is vital to learn the techniques of all the P.P.C platforms. There are many experts and a lot of training material available.

Some of the best training available is within the community that I am a member of which is called th Six Figure Mentors. You can find out a lot more information by clicking on the image at the bottom of this post.

By doing that you will find out over the course of 7 days how to set a profitable internet business from scratch.

So that is how you control your traffic sources and in the next post of this series of the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers I will talk all about Systems.

Asl always I wish you well.

pete harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Consultant

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Pete Harris – The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Internet Marketers – Habit #3 – Top

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  • John Michael

    Pete I certainly hope this is an outline for your next #1 Amazon Bestseller on Kindle because that is an excellent title. Every little suggestion helps tweak & test the traffic such as placing links in the form signature and entertaining in the the form of viral marketing is key. All the habits are valuable takeaways, I look forward to the next four habits. Great Share, Pete.

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