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Consistency Is The 2nd Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Internet Marketers

Following on in this series of the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers we move onto the 2nd habit which is Consistency.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Internet MarketersPracticing Their Craft

All successful internet marketers do this on a consistent and persistent basis. They are always learning and they usually have a large circle of influence.

They mix with like minded entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas and strategies aswell as attending live training events and they are prepared to actually speak at these events to enable other people to become successful.

They are also trying to find better working methods to make them more productive and they know the true meaning of working smarter and not harder.

Think about this. If you could find a way to do something in half the time and get the same result or better then you would do that. Wouldn’t you?

The only way to achieve this is to constantly learn. This can be done in a few ways. Listening to other marketers or buying additional training products. This may sound a bit strange but one of the best ways of learning is from your own mistakes!

Because they have this mindset they are constantly in the flow. Everything they do has a certain smooth flow so that whatever projects they are working on get completed in a systematic way so that whatever goals they have set themselves get met.

The more consistent they practice their trade the more effortless everything becomes. They know their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore they do what they are good at and outsource everything else to become more prodductive.

Goal Setting

Setting goals and sticking to them is vitally important. It trains the mind and helps you focus your efforts and attentions. It gives you a sort of tunnel vision, meaning you cut out all the non-vital activities from your working day.

When you set a goal you must fix a point in time when you have to achieve it by. It must not be open ended otherwise it will always be just a dream.

Once you have set your goal you can do what is called “reverse engineering”. You start from where your goal is and work backwards. All the time you work on things in order to get you there.

Sometimes it is better to split your long term goal into smaller steps. You will find it easier to complete the first step and then you can move onto the next.

If you have a lifetime goal then maybe consider setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals to help you achieve your lifetime goal.

Regular Effort

Regular effort is an integral part of consistency. More important is making that effort count for something otherwise you may find that your effort is in vain.

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? It is also referred to as the 80/20 rule. Which states that 80% of your efforts produces 20% of your results and vice versa. This is extremely powerful when it is applied to your business and marketing efforts.

Imagine if you could find out what your 20% is that creates 80% of your results. If you can then you can work more effectively and focus on just that.

For example if you could get outsourcers to do more of the things that get results or turn it around and get them to do the less important tasks will allow you to concentrate on going where the money is.

You can find out more about the Pareto Principle by clicking the following link.

Pareto Principle

If you use this principle then here is a simple excercise for you to do.

On a piece of paper write down your goals. Split the page into two halves, meaning top and bottom.

On the top half write down all things that make up the 20% which creates 80% of results.

On the lower half write down the 80% that only produces 20% of your goals.

Then when you are next working complete the top half first before moving onto the bottom half. Then see what results you achieve!

Treat your business like life. It’s ok to take baby steps at first but by continuing to take small steps you eventually start to run instead of walking.

The Slight Edge

Jeff Olsen wrote this book which details a system which will help you see how constant effort makes a huge difference.

Basically consistently doing simple actions on a daily basis over a considerable period of time leads to massive results.

Somtimes it can seem that doing small actions does not seem to be having an effect because it is easy to do. So it can also make it easy for you not to do them.

If you make that mistake you will start to fall downt the failure curve instead of gradually moving up the success curve!

You must be prepared that you will only see the results much further down the line but as long as you keep taking action you will see the results.

Be Accountable

First and foremost you are accountable for all of your actions. By accepting accountablility is a powerful mindset to have as it makes you focus on your actions so that you reach your goals.

Some people find it of great help to have mastermind groups around them because usually these groups have people in them who are on their own journeys. So it helps because it keeps morale up and everbody is willing each other to succeed.

So it may help you to find these groups so that you can pool resources so that you can all reach your targets sooner rather than later.

I am in the fortunate position of being a member of such a community which has lots of smaller mastermind groups within it and you can find out more information b y clicking on the image at the end of this post.

So that about wraps it up for the consistency habit and tomorrow we will be looking at the 3rd of the 7 habits of highly successful internet marketers which is Traffic Control.

As always I wish you well.

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  • Wow great content Pete! You have really nailed all facets of consistency here in this post. I couldn’t agree more that doing the basic daily actions over a long period of time produces the greatest results! Most people fail to make good habits and consequently fail with their online business. Thanks Pete

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