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Discover The 3 F’s Of Having A Digital Business

The 3 F'sNow I realise that The 3 F’s can have many different interpretations in this world and I certainly no not want to offend anybody but I would like to give you my take on what I consider to be The 3 F’s to be in relation to having a digital business within this digital economy that we now live in.

The 3 F’s Of Having A Digital Business





FlexibilityFlexibility – It allows you to have the fexibilty of being able to set your working hours. No more clocking in at a specific time and having managed breaks and lunch times before being allowed to leave for home at a certain designated time.

It gives you the felxibility of basically doing the work that you want to do. There are so many markets or niches that you can tap into in the flash of a keystroke.

The ability to set up multiple income streams, whether that be e-books, niche websites, membership sites, mentoring and training programs.

The world is your oyster unlike being in the corporate rat race world where you get your wage at the end of the month and the only way to get extra money is to take on an evening job and run yourself into the ground.

You could potentially set up 100 small income streams which paid you £1000 a year and suddenly you have a six figure income. That always depends on how hard you are preprared to work but let me ask you this how many years would you have to work to achieve that?

freedomFreedom – The holy grail in my opinion. Here you have the opportunity to create your digital lifestyle to give you financial and time freedom.

The ability to go out for lunch with your spouse, enjoy a game of golf or whatever your pastime is and being able to take a holiday whenever you want.

No more asking the boss for time off. Being able to be spontaneous and go away at the drop of a hat. You can take your business with you and as long as you have an internet connection you could work on a tropical beach.

Don’t get me wrong you may still have to be some work in but just imagine writing a blog post or setting up another income stream in the morning and then going for a dip in the pool before lunch!

FunFun – You get to enjoy your work. Meaning having this type of business gets the creative juices flowing and you love working, if you can call it that!

For myself I love creating websites, blog posts and e-books. It gets the old grey matter working and when you see the end result it is very satisfying.

The added bonus is that you actually get paid for it. Having deposits turn up in you PayPal or bank accounts overnight when you are asleep.

Usually you go to sleep because you are knackered from the previous working day only to wake up and do it again. You certainly don’t get paid to sleep.

Also it is fun and enjoyable because you can become part of an online community of people who are intent of helping each other.

You get to share ideas and strategies which will not only help you but other community menbers which is totally different to the corporate world where everybody is trying to stab you in the back.

So fun is the name of the game. Being able to wake up in the morning inspired and knowing that you will enjoy the working day ahead.

So I hope that you have enjoyed my interpretation of The 3 F’s and if you fancy experiencing all what I have just spoken about then CLICK HERE for a fast track into being able to experience you own 3 F’s of having a digital business.

As always I wish you well.

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