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So What’s Stopping You Starting An Internet Business?

Pete HarrisSo what’s stopping you starting an internet business? Would it be out of your comfort zone and the fear of the unknown?

You may think that technically it would be above you and what possibly could you sell? Do you think it would be too much of a risk and what if it all went wrong, what would you do?

“I could not do that” is another common concern and I am sure that there are many more. Now I get all that but I can tell you now that you absolutely can start an internet business from scratch without any experience and do it alongside what you are doing now so the risk is taken away as well!

The only thing I can’t help you with is physically taking that step, taking action and crossing that line in the sand. What I can do is tell you a little bit about my story and how different it is now from what it was like when I started my own business.

Twenty five years ago it was all different. I took a major risk and quit my job to be my own boss. Back then I could not start a business alongside my executive fulltime job. It would have been impractical as I just would not have had the time.

So I alongside my partner we quit our jobs to start our own retail business. We had a baby on the way, rent to pay as well as the basics of food and clothing. We went from nearly £2000 a month to nothing but hey sometimes you just have to make a decision!

I had no experience in what we were doing and I had invested over £5000 to get started. Remember this is 25 years ago and that was a hell of a lot of money. Squeaky bum time? I should say so!

Now 25 years on you don’t have to be as cavalier as that. You can start an internet business alongside your current job. This means that you can wait until you get to a stage where you can replace your income before making that decision to quit your job. All the risk is gone!

You can get all the training you need and you can earn money at the same time as building your business and gaining the knowledge that you need. Again no risk!

Also you can have all the products you need to sell which have been created, developed and tested & which have been proven to work. Apologies for repeating myself but again no risk!

Finally you can start all this with just a few hundred dollars as opposed to the multiple thousands I spent. Very limited risk!

The only thing you need to do is change your mindset and tell yourself that you can do it and just be prpared to step out of your comfort zone.

So the opportunity is Affiliate Marketing. Selling other peoples products and services and in particular the business development niche. Promoting training and mentorship programs to existing business owners to help them expand and grow their businesses in this digital economy.

The company is the Six Figure Mentors which offers you a turn-key digital business solution. Training, resources and products are all provided to enable you to earn multiple thousands of dollars in commissions on their educational product line. You can get started for under $350.

Now I could tell you all about the company myself but I will let one of the co-founders Stuart Ross tell you instead.

Click on the banner below to hear from Stuart and find out how you can receive a 7 day video series which shows you how you can start a profitable internet business from scratch.

Six Figure MentorsSo I will ask you again “What’s stopping you from starting an internet business”?

As always I wish you well.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Consultant

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