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Find Out Here The Six Figure Mentors Price And How You Can Get Started For Nothing

Chances are that you have landed on this page because you have heard of the Six Figure Mentors and want information on the Six Figure Mentors price so that you can get started.

The Six Figure mentors has many different price points depending on just what level of education and mentoring you are at.

At this moment in time the Six Figure Mentors price is nothing to get started with the company. Right now you can open a free account with a 30 day trial to the system and online business education that they provide.

To find out more about the free trial offer please click on the image below.

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After the trial you have the opportunity to upgrade your account to what is called the Essentials membership level. This costs $297.00 and a $97.00 per month fee.

For that you get access to the entire 5 core modules of the initial training and digital business system set up and certification.

You also get access to higher level courses within the Digital Skills Platform and a comprehensive library of video training courses covering all aspects of digital marketing.

Within this membership you get access to a Digital Business Consultant who can help you craft the business that you want.

The digital business system consists of all the tools and resources that you need to develop an affiliate marketing business within the Six Figure Mentors.

Things like sales funnels, affiliate link generators, landing pages, sales pages, banners, leads and tracking stats as well as professional lead magnets to help your market your business.

Then we go onto the Elite level within the Six Figure Mentors. This is the top level within the SFM and costs $2500 per year to be a member of this mastermind group.

Here you get a higher level curriculum as well as fortnightly live training webinars with the top performing affiliates within the company. Here they share their success and how they achieved it so that it gives you inspiration and knowledge that you can take into your own bsuiness.

Also being an Elite member of the Six Figure Mentors gives you the opportunity to make what are called “High Ticket Commissions” of $1000+ on the Elite membership sales you make and the higher level curriculum’s that are contained within the Digital Experts Academy which is the parent company of the Six Figure Mentors.

So in summary the Six Figure Mentors price starts at nothing for the first 30 days. Then you have the opportunity to upgrade you account and get higher levels of education as well as getting higher levels of income earning potential.

Open your Free 30 Day account by CLICKING HERE.

So as you can see the Six Figure Mentors price is structured so that the majority of people can start an online business from scratch and you can progress when you feel comfortable and you are confident to do so. So take advantage of the free trial offer while it is still available.

To your success.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach

Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

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