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Do You Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome In The Online Business World? Here Is How You Can Cure It!

What is shiny object syndrome? In the online business and home business world it means that you are always chasing that next opportunity. The next big thing to come out and try which will bring you all the riches in the world that you have ever desired. Ultimately the thing that will give you that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

When you get caught up in this shiny object syndrome you never stick to something. You have the mindset that “this does not work”. The trouble is that you have not given it the time you need and you quit to early and move onto the next one.

shiny object syndrome

We have all seen these push button programs, you know the ones that promise you can make” $50k in 90 days” or “push a couple of buttons and make $10k“. The trouble is these types of “get rich quick” schemes are just scams.

Think about this, if it was that easy then everybody would be doing it and they would all be millionaires.

Listen I am as guilty as anybody. I have been in this internet marketing world for around 6 years and at first I was that person chasing the rainbow.

I have joined many programs which promise everything and deliver nothing. It got so bad that the last 3 or 4 times I had the mindset that if it did not work in the first 29 days I would claim my refund.

The only positive to come out of suffering from shiny object syndrome is that eventually you become wise and can then spot them a mile off. When I look at my emails sometimes it makes me angry.

Every spammy marketer is still trying to peddle out the next big thing. They are parasites who are feeding off the vulnerable. Selling these low quality, re-hashed programs which did not work the first time.

The trouble is people still fall for it. That is why I am writing this post. I want you to get out of this habit of chasing the money. It does not work so stop right now.

So How Do You Get Out Of This Shiny Object Syndrome?

You have two options. The first is to quit all together. Unsubscribe from all these unscrupulous marketers email list so you don’t get subjected to all this crap anymore. Then never go onto Google, Bing or Yahoo and type in “how to make money online” again. Period.

The second option is if you really want to create a sustainable business online is to look for legitimate online business opportunities. This is the option I took. I had to change my mindset to realize that if something is worth having you have to work for it.

There are no magic bullets, no rags to riches formulas. There are however some fantastic opportunities out there if you look hard enough.

Luckily for me back in February 2014 I found an online community that’s mission is to wake up people all around the world to the exciting prospect of creating a real business on the internet.Learn more.

They educate people so that they gain the skill sets required to sell any product or service online. You follow a curriculum and then they give you the products and services for you to promote and earn commissions from.

You build a real business, you can create your own brand and you can take your place in the online business world with pride and integrity. Click here to take the first step.

You will not find this program on any of the popular digital product marketplaces where all the shiny objects are listed. You have to be approved, they are not looking for people who are looking for a quick fix.

If you want to become a digital entrepreneur then they will help you achieve your dreams if you are prepared to pu the work in. If this is you then click here to apply.

So the shiny object syndrome is bordering on an addiction, it is hard to get out of the habit of chasing the next big thing. Luckily for me I managed to break the habit and by reading this post you also have that chance as well. I hope you take action.

To your success.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris 

Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach

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