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With Robots Taking Over Jobs How Safe Are You?

Now if you are not worried about robots taking over jobs then you should be. This is not something that is going to happen, it is happening now and has been for many years.

Look at yourself, you may be working at a desk from a computer, you may be on a production line, you may work on land or in a shop or retail outlet, even if you work in a restaurant you are not safe from these robots taking over jobs.

robots taking over jobs

A classic example is someone who works in a supermarket. I can remember when my mother worked in a supermarket back in the 1970’s. Products would have to be marked up with a tiny sticker with the price on it, the cashier would have to manually enter the price with keys on the till and would then have to manually push a button to open the till to take payment.

Then the barcode came into existence, products would be printed with the bar code by machines so there was no need to manually price up products.

The cashier only then had to swipe the barcode instead of pressing keys, tills became more advanced and told the cashier how much change to give instead of them having to work it out for themselves, no need to learn maths anymore.

No what do we see. Self service tills so the humble cashier is now becoming redundant. Now this is just one of hundreds, if not thousands of examples of robots taking over jobs and your job could be next.

Before I go on to highlight this even more I would like you to watch a video which to date has over 7 million views. It is called Humans Need Not Apply and it catalogues the change in the workforce perfectly.

Humans Need Not Apply

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Now that you have watched Humans Need Not Apply I am sure you will agree that your job is not safe from robots.

The question is now what do you do about it? The answer is to learn the skills needed to compete in the digital economy that we now find ourselves living in. There is a saying that “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

What you need to do now is position yourself to take on the robots. Stand toe to toe with them and the best way to do that is to leverage them to help you succeed.

If you are in a traditional job today then you may find that one day a robot has taken your place. There are two roads that you can go down. The first is to bury your head in the sand and hope that it does not happen to you. You could be lucky and survive but that is a risky call.

The other is to learn the skill sets needed to enter the digital economy and create a lifestyle in which you live it on your own terms without the threat of everything being taken away from right under your feet.

What I am talking about is to create a business for yourself that leverages the technology that is available and make it work for you.

The are tools, software, robots that you can use to create a totally automated business from scratch. A type of business that can be based around your passion in life. Something that you can build that will impact and empower other people to maybe do the same.

So How Can You Gain These Skills?

The answer is very simple. Learn from people who have already done it. I am fortunate to belong to an organization that specializes in training people the skill sets needed to compete in the digital economy.

They have educational and training programs that will take a complete beginner all the way up to becoming a digital expert. Gaining life changing skills to create a lifestyle of choice and not being reliant on anybody else for their future.

The aim is to help people become financially self-sufficient and break free from the status quo of working a traditional job, which may not be there next year, and relying on other people for a paycheck.

What they are offering is a full 30 days trial to their educational, training and mentoring programs to help you become the next person to take control of their life.

They provide online business education and access to a revolutionary training platform called Digital Skills Platform.

Now to find out more about how this can help you position yourself as a digital expert please click on the image below to open up your free account.

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After watching the video you may have been worried about yours and you families future but with the free account on offer you have everything you need to secure your future. Click here to take the first step.

So don’t let you become the next casualty of the robots taking over jobs. Confront them straight on by clicking here.

To your success.

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