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Have You Got The Perseverance To Succeed In Your Online Business?

PerseveranceSo what is perseverance? It is widely acknowledged that perseverance is a steady persistance in a course of action, a purpose and especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles and discouragements.

So Do You Have The Perseverance To Succeed?

If you are new to the digital economy then to succeed you will have to have qualities to overcome major obstacles and hurdles in your pursuit of a digital life.

Having an online business is a major learning curve. Technically and emotionally your resolve will be severely stretched.

I don’t want to put you off but you need to realise that it is not all plain sailing. If you think that you can just knock up a website, sell a load of products and make buckets of money then sorry I am going to shatter that illusion.

Yes you can make money but you will need to be resolute, open minded and have a never give up attitude.

I first experienced the internet only about 10 years ago. I had heard about this information superhighway but my only experience of a mouse was the furry little creatures and watching Tom & Jerry when I was a kid!

Over the years I learnt basic computer skills through a lot of trial and error. Over the last 3- 4 yearsI heard about this concept of making money by using a Laptop or PC.

I bought courses on things like creating websites, getting traffic, auto-responders, domain names, hosting the list goes on.

You have all this information and in some respects you suffer from information overload. Everthing seems like a foreign language. You try and learns things and implement them but they still don’t work. So what do you do?

frustrationDo you throw the computer out of the window? Or do you start again?

What I do is start again. What kicks in is stubbornness, doggedness, persistance and the will not to be beaten!

The thing is that things then start to come together and piece by piece they fall into place. You learn the skills to build websites, you find good products and you absorb the knowledge on how marketing works.

As I have said it has been a 4 year journey so far for myself and I have only scratched the surface and I am looking forward to the future years and learning something new everday.

It is because I have persevered. When things don’t work out I don’t see it as failure. I learn from the mistakes that I have made and move on. Failure is to QUIT.

So if you want to start an online business would you be interested if the learning curve could be shortened? Just a bit. I am not going to say that it is going to be easy but what I will garauntee is that you would have everything in one place. Training, tools and resources to create a profitable online business.

All You Need Is The Will And Perseverance To Succeed!

After years of bying crap in respect of training courses, software and only having access to low quality products I accidently came across a community of like minded entrepreneurs called the Six Figure Mentors. I watched a video by the co-founder Stuart Ross which immediately opened my mind to a new way of making money on the internet.

You know when people say they have a lightbulb moment well I had mine there and then. You can watch the same video by CLICKING HERE and hopefully you will have your own lightbulb moment.

So without perseverance I would have quit way back in 2010. I would have failed and as I have said before failure is for quitters.

I think the following video typifies just what perseverance is all about. It has nothing to do with having an internet business but I strongly urge you to watch it to the end to see how this little chap works everthing out.

So if you have half the perseverance of this little furry friend then I am confident that you can succeed with the help of the Six Figure Mentors.

As always I wish you well.

pete harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Consultant

Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

Pete Harris – Perseverance – Top

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  • John Michael

    Great post. Perseverance is key factor, I second that while also appreciating your tenacity in your online journey. The video is a great metaphor, Bandit rocks with one paw in the game, I wanted to see him get ALL fours going! Kudos my friend.

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