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Extend The Reach Of Your Online Video Advertising Campaign With YouTube

If you are looking to expand your business with online video advertising then here are some great tips to help you get started.

“According to Nielsen research, today people are watching video as much as they are watching TV, and as time in front of the TV decreased, time spent on YouTube jumped 44 percent.”

online video advertising

Much research has been conducted on videos, and their power in the online world. One thing is common in all the studies; consumption of online videos are increasing year after year. People are showing less interest in cable and television networks, and moving toward online videos rapidly.

When it comes to watching videos online, people prefer YouTube. They feel connected and content with it, and spend hours there. With the increasing number of viewers on YouTube, businesses are also showing interest in expanding advertisement campaigns. They are willing to invest a great amount into online video advertising with YouTube

YouTube is busy day after day, and it would be great decision to run an advertising campaign there. Here are some ways you can increase your reach and brand engagement with YouTube advertising.

Mix Television Advertising With YouTube To Expand Your Target Market:

According to a recent study, by combining TV and YouTube, 3,000 US campaigns increased their reach of millennials by 46%, with an average increase of 42% compared to TV alone. Boosting existing TV advertising campaign with YouTube also increases ad recall and brand awareness.

Presently YouTube has 1 billion users and claims to be as second largest search engine. This means a huge platform to for your products and services. Integrating your existing TV advertising with the power of YouTube ads can double or triple your customer base, and your brand awareness.

Create Attractive Content That People Are Willing To Watch.

Grow your brand engagement by creating more attractive and appealing content. Viewers watch videos or advertisements only when they find it effective.

Use YouTube ads skippable format to judge the performance of your video advertisement. Let your customers decide whether they like the content or not.

Check your brand’s YouTube channel to control your YouTube content – upload videos, create playlists and video details like titles, tags, privacy settings, etc.

Use TrueView Ads To Drive Interests In Previous Content:

A study shows that each new video drives interest in past content, maximizing the ROI of previous investments in video. Brands who post new videos actually see views of previously existing content increase by up to 500%.

By using TrueView ads, you can promote new videos and increase viewership of your previous videos. Make an easily accessible video library and continually create and promote new content to engage viewers. If you want to create multiple videos for your campaign, make a content calendar with constantly changing distribution that will keep audiences coming back to all of the videos you have invested time and tools to create.

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youtube ads made easy training guide

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To your success.

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