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Find Out How To Start Your New Online Business With This Online Business Startup Checklist

Before starting your online business you need everything in place so I have created an online business startup checklist which in my opinion you will need to ensure that your online business succeeds.

My 15 Point Online Business Startup Checklist

  1. Determine an area of business that matches your knowledge and passion as this will help you put all your efforts into your online business.
  2. Market Research – Determine if there is a market for your field and see what the competition is offering so that you can offer more to establish yourself as the expert and go to person. Try to find something that differentiates you so that you have a clear unique selling point (USP)
  3. Your Domain Name – Whatever niche you are in your domain name needs to reflect that. If your brand is yourself then try and get Always go for a dot com as it holds more weight than the other extensions. Domain Typer is a simple tool to fin perfect domain and is a free resource.
  4. Buying & Registering You Domain Name – Any major domain name provider will allow you to purchase and register your domain name. Domain Typer directs to the major providers.
  5. Hosting – No you have your domain name you need to get it hosted. Hosting companies offer space on their servers for you to store all your files which make up your website.
  6. Branding – Have logos, headers and other imagery created for your business.
  7. Install WordPress – Within your hosting company you will be able to install WordPress. This is a super simple script which you can use to add content and images to bring your website to life. Choose a theme which matches your brand and niche.
  8. Add A Blog – In your WordPress theme make sure that you activate the blog facility. This allows you to add content in the form of posts. Doing this daily will create an audience of people who check in with you on what you are saying. It also makes the major search engines recognize that you are active and sharing content so they will index your website and rank it in their search results.
  9. Email – Be sure to set up an auto-responder service such as Aweber or any of the other major service providers. This allows you to collect email addresses by putting an opt in box on the home page of your website. Having this service also allows you to contact all your subscribers at the same time.
  10. Social Media – You have to have your business on all of the social media platforms. Create profiles and pages about your business. Make sure that they are branded to your business. By having these profiles you are able to grow a following of people so they can engage with you and your business.
  11. Products & Services – You need something to sell. If you have your own line of products and services then you are good to go. If not then you may want to look at affiliate marketing which is where you promote other peoples products and services and receive commissions on what you sell.
  12. Marketing Training – If you are an experienced internet marketer then you are ready to drive traffic to your website. If not then you should look into getting training and mentoring so that you know what you are doing. If you don’t then all you will be doing is shooting in the dark.
  13. Analytics – You have to know your data. Things like Google Analytics will show you how your website is performing. Also having tracking software will allow you to see how your paid advertising campaigns are performing.
  14. Work Ethic & Commitment – Your business will not be an overnight success and you will not become a millionaire overnight! What you need is a great work ethic. Put the hours in and be committed to what you are trying to achieve. It will take time so stick at it.
  15. Legal Stuff – Depending on what country you live in you will need bank accounts, registering your tax affairs and other legal requirements to adhere to.

So there is my online business startup checklist. To help you save some time with the majority of these elements that I have mentioned you can get $350 worth of free training and resources in an online business startup bundle which you can access for 30 days for free.

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I hope that my online business startup checklist has helped you discover what you need to start an online business and if you need any further information then please feel free to contact me.

To your success.

Pete Harris

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