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Pete Harris Reveals His New Horizons

New HorizonsMany people set themselves new horizons. You know things that they want to do, places they want to visit etc. Well my wife and I have set our new horizons.

April 2016 we will be relocating to Cyprus. We have had a home there for a few years now and we have finally set the date to move there.

Aprehension, excitement and a tinge of sadness will be just a few of the emotions we will go through over the next 6 months.

A new way of life awaits 2000 miles away. A more laid back lifestyle, new culture, nice food and wine on a beautiful island in the eastern mediterranean.

There is an element of risk as well of which we are fully aware of. You see I have an established cleaning business and my wife has a really well paid job.

We have a nice income but we will be leaving that all behind. The safety net will be taken away from under our feet but sometimes you just need to make a decision.

We could have played it safe and stuck to what we are doing and what we know. Enjoying the 3 holidays a year in Cyprus but we would have still been on that hamster wheel. Working hard in the conventional cycle of the rat race.

You know the 50-60 hours a week working, high taxes and high cost of living. Dreading coming home from our few weeks in the sun to go back to work and all the time looking forward to our next holiday.

CyprusSo we have opted to enjoy the sunshine and warmth which is pretty much all year round in Cyprus bar a few weeks in January & February.

Plus we will take advantage of the low cost of living, cheap beer and wine but above all of this is the lifestyle.

Spending most of the year outside. A far cry form the UK where you just get a few weeks in the summer if you are lucky to enjoy the outdoor life.

Sipping wine on the balcony and not worrying about the high utility bill and taxes. Enjoying a lower cost of living , going to the beach to watch the sunset or going up to the pine tree covered mountains when it gets a little bit too hot!

The thing is this all sounds idyllic and it is believe me but you still have to have an income coming in. The reality is that we will go from a very nice income to zero. I can’t take my business with me and my wife will have to quit her job.

So what is the answer? Over the last couple of years I have been putting the foundations down and building up an internet business.

Something that I can operate from my balcony looking out to the ocean. That is gradually growing and will be more than enough when the plane touches down on our one way ticket.

Also I have just secured some contract work and some revenue share projects whcih are all internet based.

Why am I telling you this? Well the reason is that sometimes you have to take a risk. You could take the safe option but if you are not happy then what is the point!

Sometimes you need to cross that line, make a decision and stick to it.

So if you are stuck in a rut, thinking about doing something else, wondering what is out there then what is stopping you from crossing that line and changing your life?

There are opportunities all around you. You just to take notice of them. If you would like to know just what is enabling me to change my life then CLICK HERE for more information.

For now my new horizons are set in stone. Spring 2016 will soon be here, our dreams will become a reality and it is all because of having an internet busines which will make it possible. I will leave you on that thought!

As always I wish you well.

Pete Harris

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