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Is There An Alternative To The Multi Level Marketing Business Model?

Pete HarrisThe multi level marketing business model is a model that a person generates a commission on a product that they sell and they also earn commissions on sales that the people that they recruit to the business makes.

This creates a downline which can be of multiple levels of renumeration and is sometimes referred to as pyramid selling or network marketing.

The multi level marketing business model relies on direct selling as you are expected to exploit relationships with close family and friends as well as hosting such things a parties at home or in places like hotels to recruit new members to the business.

There is a big emphasis on cold calling, chasing and convincing in order to get people on board which is now deemed in many quarters as an old and outdated business model.

The general public are wising up to this method of operation and it is getting increasingly harder to convince people to join these companies.

MLM companies have also been subject to crticism and lawsuits and are continually being compared to pyramid schemes which are notoriously famous for high entry costs for the initial product inventory and marketing kits that you have to purchase in order to start your business.

It seems that this business model is far more focused on recruiting people than providing products and services which actually help the consumer.

If you enter this business model then be aware that you will be expected to purchase and use the products as well as taking advantage of personal relationships to meet sales and recruiting targets.

So Is There An Alternative To The Multi Level Marketing Business Model? 

There is a new way of doing business that does not involve any cold calling, chasing and convincing people to buy your products and services.

It is all about attraction marketing. Attracting high quality people who actually want your products and services which will actually help them and enhance their lives.

The whole process is done automatically with powerful resources and technology working in the background.

You may have heard the term Automated Income Streams. This allows you to set up your systems once and then you let the system take over.

No phones, face to face convincing and no high expenses of hiring venues to pressure people into buying.

You build a relationship with your prospects and you deliver them value so that they begin to know, like and trust you instead of having people hang up on you or shutting the door in your face.

Surely this is a better and more attractive way to do business?

So if you are already in an MLM company and getting fed up with the old school methods and are looking for a change or if you are considering MLM as a business then you may want to consider this different way of doing business.

To do that click on the image below to find out much more information on how you can build a business which gives you the freedom instead of the constant chasing to earn a living.

Multi Level Marketing AlternativeAs you can see there is an alternative to the multi level marketing business model which requires no cold calling, chasing and convincing which allows you the freedom to enjoy life!

As always I wish you well.

Pete Harris

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