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Why Is A Morning Ritual So Important?

Morning ritualWelcome to today’s post which is part of the productivity series and today I would like to talk to you about the importance of having a morning ritual.

To be a successful entrpreneur or person in general it is esential that everday is a productive one. You can’t just hope that the day ahead will be good you have to make it good if not great.  Average days simple won’t cut the mustard and really are just wasted days.

So Why Have A Morning Ritual?

This follows on from yesterday when I talked about creating good habits. A morning ritual is something that you do the same every morning.

Everbody will be different and your morning ritual will be unique to you. What you have to think about is why you are doing it and what you hope to get out of it.

It is designed to give you a reason to get up in the morning and also to give you the very best start to the day as possible.

Once you have found that perfect blend to start your day off you will find that you will never want to miss out on it.

Your own morning ritual will become a habit and you will not have to think about  it as it will become a natural thing to do.

It is also all about you. What makes you happy and it should be seen as your special time at the start of the day.

If you are pressed for time in the morning then possibly get up half an hour earlier. You can then plan your own structure.

The whole process of forming a morning ritual may sound difficult to you but it does not have to be as you naturally have things to do anyway.

The whole point of this is that everything you do effortlessly flows into each other. This will give you a good state of mind to tackle the days events.

So How Do You Create A Morning Ritual?

  • First off write a shortlist of what you already do and also things that you would like to do.
  • Work out how long it would take to accomplish all the things that you have written down.
  • If you need to then simply adjust the time that you wake up in the morning.
  • Give yourself a minimum of 2 days to test drive it before making any adjustments.
  • Once you have made the adjustments that suit you better then it is time to enjoy it.

Morning ritualThe main reason for the morning ritual is to help you become more productive. Having everything structured will help you hit the ground running every morning and you will be super focused on the day ahead.

It also brings some form of discipline into the home. Now I don’t want to make it sound like being in the army or anything like that but mornings can be let’s just say busy.

You may have kids to get off to school, your spouse off to work and also you have to look after yourself. By creating this morning ritual benefits everybody.

Each member of the family can adopt this excercise so that the household runs like a well oiled machine! Everything gets done and you are all set up for a great day ahead.

So Here Is My Morning Ritual

  • Alarm goes off at 7.00am
  • I have a cup of coffee in bed and watch Sky News
  • Get out of bed 7.30 and shower
  • My dog is waiting by the door when I get downstairs and I take her for a walk. This is her special time and I get some fresh air. It sets her up for the day of sleeping and then watching the birds in the garden through the window. So she even has a morning ritual
  • I then have a light breakfast and a glass of orange juice.
  • I then check emails to see if there is anything urgent to deal with.
  • Then it is time to start work around 9.00 am whether that be my cleaning business or my online business

So that is myself sorted for the day. It sets me up to tackle the big wide world. I know people who start with a glass of water to hydrate and I have a friend who has two or three pieces of fruit while he walks around his village.

The morning ritual is all about you and how you can start the day on the best possible footing so that you become more productive and have a great day.

As always I wish you well.

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