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Find Out How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing & What Programs To Join

Make Money Affiliate MarketingSo how can you make money affiliate marketing? The basic principle of affiliate marketing is that you as an affiliate will promote other peoples products and services and for each sale that you generate you will receive a commission.

The main benefits of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create, develop and test products before taking them to the marketplace. Also you don’t have to have any contact with the customer as all of that falls onto the vendor of the product.

So no customer service, payment processor needed and you don’t have to deal with refunds. It is your task to drive as much web traffic to the offers that you promote. The more traffic equals more sales!

Now to make money affiliate marketing there is a certain process that you have to go through. You have to find a hungry crowd of people looking for a particular solution.

There is a saying that if “You try and sell to everyone you sell nothing” meaning you can’t just put up an advertisement online in the hope that you sell products.

It all relies on targeted advertising. For example if you were promoting a golf product you would find out where golfers hang out online and advertise directly to them.

It would be pointless just advertising to people who like sport in general. Yes there would be some golfers but the majority would not be interested.

So that is step 1 on how to make money affiliate marketing – Laser target your advertisement to the people who actually want it.

My next tip is do not advertise directly to the affiliate offer that you are promoting. What you should be doing is setting up a lead capture page where you offer something for free like a report or video series. The get the offer a person will have to enter their email address.

My Banner By doing this you are capturing their details which enables you to build a data base or in other words an email list so that you can promote offers to them for as long as they are a subscriiber.

You will need what is called an Auto-Responder. There are lots of these services but my recommendation is Aweber. Within this service you can set up multiple lists to capture peoples details.

What you will need to do is set up a follow up sequence. This is a series of emails where you give value but you can embed your affiliate offers into the emails in a subtle way so that it is not seen as you are selling all the time.

People then start to know, like and trust you and it is easier to sell things if you have built up that relationship with your subscriber.

The final piece of the jigsaw is to find high quality products. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there but I am only going to recommend the ones that I have used.

Clickbank – A massive marketplace full of digital products. There are numerous categories with multiple sub-categories. Whatever niche you are in there will be something for you promote.

JV Zoo – Very similar to Clickbank.

Amazon Associates – Amazon is the biggest retailer online and they have an affiliate program. You can promote anything on their website so again you won’t have any trouble finding products.

Their commission rates are not very high though as it ranges from 4%-10% depending on the volume of units you sell. So my tip is to only promote high value products and I would suggest that you only promote products which are above $200.

Market Health – A health based affiliate program. A massive market with great money making potential. They  have a large portfolio of products  to pomote and they have two methods for you to make money.

The first is a revenue share of the order and future orders. The other is what is called CPA which means you will get paid when people take a specific action. This can result in a commission of upto $50 a time.

Six Figure MentorsSix Figure Mentors – My main recommendation and the only program that I use now. They offer a whole suite of products ranging from educational and mentorships programs  related to online marketing and business growth to software products.

They also offer a complete digital marketing business system for you start your own online business. You will get all the training and support that you will need to be successful online.

As an affiliate of the company you will have the opportunity to promote the business system to other people who are looking to start an online business.

Once you purchase any of their other training and menorship programs you then become a reseller for that product and your commission levels raise significantly.

By doing this you will be able to earn what are called “High Ticket Commissions” which are anything from $1000 – $8000 for a single sale.

With the Six Figure Mentors you can earn while you learn and when you are comfortable to go to the next level you can purchase the next training program.

The Six Figure Mentors is a perfect solution for you if you aspire to having your own online business. They have all the resources, training and products to enable you to start a profitable online business from scratch.

To find out more information and receive a 7 day video training series click on the banner below and enter your email address.

Six Figure Mentors

So I have shared with you some tips on how to make money affiliate marketing and I have also shared with you the affiliate programs you should be looking at. Now it is up to you to take action and I wish you good luck.

As always I wish you well.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Consultant

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