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Here Are 3 Internet Business Models And Strategies

Chances are that you have landed on this webpage because you are looking for some internet business models and strategies so that you can launch you own internet business.

There are lots of internet business models and strategies but I have come up with three that are easy to get started and fairly low cost to start up.

So in this post I will give you an overview of each business model and links on where to go to get started.

3 Popular Internet Business Models And Strategies

Internet Business Model #1: Affiliate Marketing

internet business models and strategiesSo this first business model is probably one of the more popular ones. That is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you are paid a commission for referring people who make purchases. Often times this comes in the form of a percentage of sales or with a set amount per referred sale.

If you think of it an affiliate marketer is basically a modern day commissioned sales representative.

The goal with affiliate marketing is to find quality products to promote in a hungry niche market. You want to match what people are wanting with a solution. Once you get your traffic source figured out affiliate marketing can be very lucrative.

Here are two places you can go to find products to promote.

The first is the Amazon Affiliate program. You can click the link below to sign up as an affiliate for Amazon.

On Amazon you can promote almost all of their products for commissions ranging from 4% up to about 15%. It may not seem like a lot, but with popular physical products you can end up selling enough to where it makes sense.

Also, a key to anything online is to diversify. So once you start making money in one affiliate marketing niche market, you should rinse and repeat what is working for another niche.

If you are making $100/month in commissions either do more to make more in that niche, or start into another niche market so you can make $200/month. Then keep building. We call that scaling up.

Another place where you can find products to promote is Clickbank. You can visit them online at

They allow content creators to create and sell information products or how-to products. They have everything from courses teaching survival techniques to relationship advice to tips on losing weight and methods to cure back pain.

They have been around for over 16 years now, and have paid out millions of dollars in commissions.

I like them because you can make typically 50% to 75% per sale because they are digital products.

One way to promote these products is to create short videos where you stand in front of your cell phone’s camera or sit in front of the camera on your computer, and you answer questions on a certain niche.

To find these answers you can go out to and read articles and make notes on them. Just like if you were to research content for a school exam or for a work project.

Find common questions in the chosen niche like the “back pain” niche, and then record a video about that question. Try and make 20 of these. You then upload these videos to YouTube. Use the keywords from the question for your video title, and in the description place your Clickbank affiliate link.

This is a simple way to get started with affiliate marketing..

Internet Business Model #2: Information Products

Another fun and relatively simple way to earn real income online is to sell information products. In fact I touched on it briefly in the last section. Clickbank is one of the leaders on info products.

Believe it or not people will buy content on nearly any topic imaginable. The key is to go over to, and look at their marketplace. See what kinds of info products are currently being sold on their platform.

Chances are you will be able to find something that interests you. If you can write on a Word Document or create PowerPoint slides you can be an info product creator.

Just like with affiliate marketing you need to identify your niche. The simplest way to do that is to look at the popular products inside the Clickbank marketplace. Here is a link to their marketplace.

Even if you don’t have knowledge on a certain topic, you can partner up with someone that does.

Internet Business Model #3: Freelancing

internet business models and strategies

With freelancing you get paid to do work for other online business owners.

Here are some common things you can get paid for: writing articles, writing and submitting press releases, writing blog posts, video editing, Photoshop work, other graphic design work, creating videos, doing SEO on their website to help them rank in the search engines, do backlinking work, social media management, transcriptions, etc.

There are so many possibilities. Here are two places where you can start selling your services online almost instantly.

  1. – Fiverr is a website where people offer services starting at $5. The coolest part is that you can offer “gig extras” where you can charge for faster delivery, offer to do more than just a $5 gig. So get yourself a profile and start selling services on there.
  2. – This is a freelancing website where you can browse available jobs and place a bid. You may need to place low bids to start out with to get some work under your belt, but when you do get established you can find all kinds of work out there. The key is to consistently submit for jobs.

The key to making money online is to be consistent. Whatever you do, just be consistent, and don’t give up even if it feels like nothing is happening. That breakthrough is not far away!

So there are 3 great internet business models and strategies. I hope that this has given you some ideas on how to start your own internet business. If you would like any further information then please contact me here.

To your success.

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