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Find Out Here How To Start A Podcast Network

How To Start A PodcastSo in you marketing plan you may have tought about Podcasts but you may not know how to start a podcast.

Podcasting has become a very popular platform to distribute your content and in this post I am going to highlight exactly how to start a podcast and the steps you need to take.

Your podcast should be first and foremost educational. Never try to sell directly to your listener as they will just turn you off and never come back.

So you want to focus on education and give as much value as possible. Think on these lines “Give First & Get Later” as that is how you will sell and it will make you stand out from your competition.

This will make people beecome attracted to you and they will share your podcasts with their friends and then you start to create a snowball effect. This will help you create your brand and be seen as the go to expert.

How To Start A Podcast

Planning – Basically you need to make sure that you plan. You need to engage the listener becasue the more you do the higher your stick rate will be. This means the listener will remain longer and they will become more invested and more likely to buy your products or take some sort of action at the end.

Intr & Outro Script – Rather than talking straight away you want to make sure that you have an intro & outro script that introduces you as the person.

This gets the listener prepared and gives them the mind-set of “Put everything down and get ready to learn a load of content”

This basically introduces you to your audience, what you are going to talk about and this gets them excited. You then deliver your content.

Then we have the outro which is designed to give them a call to action. This is a more general thing like “Hey visit my site and share it with your friends”

Voice Over Artist – It is seen as more professional to have a professional voice over artist introduce you because subconsciously it will increase the chances for people to take action.

Microphone & Software Editing Tools – You need high quality microphones and software editing tools to produce a high quality podcast. People judge a book by its cover and they are going to judge you on your audio quality. If you audio quality is low then people will turn off.

Record, Edit & Host – You will need to create a soundproof environment to create high quality audio and record it. Then it needs to be editied and there are a lot of great free editing and software tools available. Then you need to host your files on podcast hosting sites.

RSS & Submission – Once you have planned and created your file and uploaded to your hosting site you then need to grab your RSS feed and submit it to places like ITunes.

So that is basically how to start a podcast network. A lot of the resources are free but you will need some sort of budget to hire voice over artists, buying soundtrack music and for things like microphones.

This may all sound a bit technical and you may be thinking “I can’t do this”. Well there is no need to worry as I am about to show you how to do it.

Fortunately I can offer you a comprehensive 11 part video course which will show you exactly step-by-step over the shoulder how to put this all together. Nothing is left out so you can be confident of being able to create high quality engaging podcasts which will bring loads of traffic to your products and services.

The course is called SureFire Podcast Blueprint 2.0 and you can find out more information by clicking the image below.

SureFire Podcast Blueprint 2.0So that is how to start a podcast and I hope that you have found this post interesting and valuable and given you the confidence to start your own podcasting network.

As always I wish you well.

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