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Tip # 1 On How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is an extremely popular way both personally and professionally to get you message out there but do you know how to make money blogging. It is something that you may not have thought of but your blog is a piece of online real estate and through time by adding content regularly it can become a valuable asset.

There are many different strategies and over the coming weeks I will be sharing with you extremely valuable and simple tips on how to make money blogging so that you can implement them straight and hopefully see some positive results in your business.

How To Make Money Blogging Tip # 1

Write Content Post That Specifically Promotes An Offer

Some of the posts on your blog have the purpose of sharing valuable content that immediately sets you up as an expert in your field so that you can gain the readers trrust. They begin to know you and like you. Hence the expression “Know, Like & Trust” was conceived.

Some of your posts you may simply want to do a post which is more like an advertisement for a specific produt.

In both newspapers and magazines you see lots of what are called “Advertorials”. These are adverts that have been paid for but are done in a way to read like a story.

There are two main reasons they work so well.
  • First off when they are done right they do not look like ads. Therfore it engages the reader so they actually start to read the article.
  • The information is so good it hooks the reader so they carry on right up to the point where the advertisement is. Usually this is at the end but not in all cases.

So on you blog you can do the same. Create engaging content as well as promoting products or services.

Here are a few examples!
  • Create an article giving tips on how to train your dog and within the body of the content include your affiliate link to an information product on dog training.
  • Create an article on how people can save for their retirement. Then include a link to a product that you have created on retirment saving advice. This could be an e-book.
  • Create an article about how to barbecue for lots of people. Give tips on how to do it and then include an affiliate link to a barbecue for sale on Amazon.

I think you get the point now. If you constantly create posts that basically say “Buy This Product” and don’t give any value to you reader then they will click away from your website and never come back.

On the other hand if you create good quality, informative, engaging content and subtley include your affiliate links then people are more likely to read your content and purchase the product. Therefore you make a sale or commission.

I hope that you have enjoyed this first tip on how to make money blogging and be sure to look out for the next one.

As always I wish you well.

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