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How To Make Money Blogging – Tip # 4

So the next tip on how to make money blogging is all about visual impressions. Just having a load of text on your site may put people off and they click away from your site.

By adding a splash of colour is visually engaging and is likely to stimulate your readers and is a great way to monetize your website. So are you ready for the next tip in our how to make money blogging series?

Banners & Buttons

You can add banners, buttons and other graphical ads to your website to monetize it. Now when you sign up for affiliate programs the vendors of the products often supply banners and buttons which have your affiliate identification embeded into the code.

If they do not then it gives you the chance to be creative and differentiate yourself from you fellow competing affiliates. There are services that supply what is called “Royalty Free Images”. Meaning you can purchase these images for very little money and create stunning graphics.

You are looking for emotional images but relevant to the product you are promoting. So images like animals, babies, money and landscapes provoke an emotional reaction from your reader. By using graphic creators you can create banners to more or less any size you want.

One tip is to create compelling content on your banner or button. You want to give the person a reason to click on it so that they go to the offer that you are promoting.

If you do create your own banners and buttons all you need to do is hyperlink the image with your affiliate link.

My Banner So that is my latest tip on how to make money blogging. Go on and get creative and visually inspire your readers and website visitors.

As always I wish you well.

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