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How To Make Money Blogging – Tip # 2

Following on from yesterday here is the next post in the series on how to make money blogging. This article is all about reviewing products the right way and montetizing your content.

Post A Review

When people are thinking about buying a product they tend to look online for reviews and this is where you come in.

Simply by doing some basic keyword research you will see plenty of searches looking like this ( “The Product Name” Review ). By targeting this you will be able to syphon off traffic by offering a review for the product.

Also your readers will appreciate your honest review and at the same time you will be building up a relationship with your readers which cements the “Know Like & Trust” factor I was talking about yesterday.

How To Create A Product Review

Step 1 – Use The Product

Pretty obvious! You can’t give an honest review if you don’t use the product. Some people think it is ok to copy other bloggers reviews but your readers will see right through you if you adopt this method.

The reason is that they may have already read other reviews on other websites. They want YOUR opinion and they get used to the way that you write. Don’t re-hash other peoples reviews.

Step 2 – Come Up With A Strong & Catchy Headline

Try to steer away from just ” (Product Name) Review”. It will not engage your reader. Create a sense of anticipation in your headlines as shown in the following examples.

Step 3 – Start With A Summary

Your readers time is valuable and they don’t want to read a long manuscript to find out your opinion and recommendation.

Open with a fast summary of the product and as a template use the following tips.

  • Explain what the product is and what it does.
  • Tell them 2 or 3 good points about the product.
  • Then balance things with 1 or 2 downsides.
  • Close your opening summary by telling the reader if you recommend the product or not.

What you need to realise is that just because people want to race through your review you should not divulge everything in your first paragraph.

You need your readers to carry on reading because that gives you the time to sell the product.

So How Do You Do That?

In your first paragraphbuild up a sense of curiosity. When you are talking about a benefit of the product then say something like this

“This product does something you will not have seen ANYWHERE else but more about that in a moment”.

Step 4 – Provide Details

Here is your chance to give your full, detailed and HONEST review of the product. Tell them about all the good and bad points of the product.

Say what you liked and did not like and if you can show proof of your results that will go along way to build up your credibility.

Step 5 – A Strong Closing Statement

So by now you have shared your opinion warts and all. This is where you confirm your opinion and whether you recommend the product or not.

If you do recommend the product then quickly say why you do. You can mention all the benefits. Then you need to tell the reader what to do.

Meaning you need to give the reader a strong call to action. Direct them and encourage them to click on your link and buy the product.

That is the process of providing a product review and I hope that this tip on how to make money blogging has been helpful.

As always I wish you well.

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