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Find Out How To Create Wealth & Help People Along The Way

Pete HarrisSo do you know how to create wealth? Money is a by product of the amount of value that you deliver to society in general. So if you want to become more wealthy then simply provide more value.

But who defines the amount of value you are delivering. Take a look at your salary, this is defined by the person employing you to do a job. You may or may not agree with that figure but that is the cold fact of life. This is what you are gauged on.

So would you like to take control and find out how to create wealth at the same time as helping other people?

How to create wealth relies on you solving other peoples problems. By doing this you are adding incredible value to that person for which they will be more than happy to pay you for it, therefore you make money and your personal wealth increases.

Most people are shortsighted and just want the money but have no real plan on how to get it. If you shift your mindset from chasing money to providing the value then the money will come to you.

Also I said it it is about you taking control. Meaning you have to create the wealth for yourself. Many people think that you won’t become wealthy working for someone else and I agree with that. The only people who get richer due to your hard work is your bosss or the company who you work for.

So How Do You Take Control & Create Your Own Wealth?

As I have said you need to focus on solving peoples problems and you can do that by providing information for which I will go into detail later on.

Also a common trait of wealthy people is they spend less than they earn and invest the rest into more income producing assets. This is done on a monthly basis.

They also leverage things like people and technology so if you think about it you need a role reversal. At this moment your company leverages you and technology to provide value to their customers by solving their particular problem.

So you need to start leveraging other people, technology and the internet to create passive income which means you do the work once and get paid over and over again!

The next strategy can be a little controversial. Look at your circle of influence, the people who you mix with. Are they happy, miserable or non encouraging. I am not saying cut them out of your life but tend to spend more time with more positive people. This will rub off on you and make you more productive.

How To Create WealthCreating wealth is also related to your mindset. Think about your goals, create a vision book with the things that you want. For example cars, houses, holidays etc. Pick an amount of money that you want to be earning a month which you can put into software on your computer which will keep delivering subliminal messages to you to keep you on track.

Also you must have systems in place and focus on what you are good at and let other people do the rest. This goes back to leveraging which I mentioned earlier.

So we are talking about selling information. You need to focus on your clients needs and add value to them. There is a saying “To Sell Is To Serve” which needs no more explanation.

Marketing is a conversation you have with your clients & potential clients. Ask them what they want and provide it in different mediums such as videos, audios, text and workshops.

By doing this you will create a funnel of products which increase in value as your client goes throught the funnel.

Also by creating your own products you will be creating a valuable asset for your business which is another way of creating wealth because your companies value will increase incase one day you want to sell it.

My last strategy is to find mentors. People who are successful and copy them. There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel if something is already working.

It is all about taking action & I know that what I have been talking about may be daunting. The core principle is to provide value and the wealth will come to you.

I hope that this has given you an insight on how to create wealth and if you would like anymore information then please CONTACT ME HERE where I can introduce you to a whole range of training and resources to help you provide value to people which will then create the wealth that you desire.

Six Figure MentorsAs always I wish you well.

Pete Harris

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