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Taking Regular Breaks Is Important To Maintaining A Productive Home Business Lifestyle

So why are people striving to achieve a home business lifestyle? There can be many reasons, feeling disillusioned with the job they are doing, tired on the endless commuting, working for people they do not respect, having the ambition to work for themselves and taking control of their lives.

For me, working from home is all about the freedom to do what I want and when I want. I plan my day out with tasks that need to be completed by the end of play. Once they are done that is when my day ends, whether that is 3pm or 7pm. I am in control of my working hours and no one tells me what to do.

Working from home for me now is completely different to what it was 12 months ago. I used to run my online business in the evening after I had got home from running my cleaning business during the day.

home business lifestyle

Then I used to live in the United Kingdom, now I live in Cyprus, a beautiful part of the eastern mediterranean. An idyllic island with a much more slower pace of life. Most of the year I work from my balcony, sea in one direction and the mountains in the other.

Living in this environment is incredibly motivating and inspiring. I feel very fortunate to have this home business lifestyle but I am a great believer that you make your own luck, also I feel that I have worked hard in my life so in a lot of ways I deserve it.

Now the whole point of this post is to emphasise the importance to taking regular breaks away from your home business. You will hear from a lot of people that unless your are working on your business 14 hours a day and 7 days a week that you are not committed. What a load of rubbish, that kind of home business lifestyle is worse than working a regular job.

If you have not got time to enjoy some down time then what is the point, you may find yourself even more unhappy than what you were, also you will start to resent your business as it is taking control of your life.

Work on your business and not in it. That is why taking regular breaks away from your computer is vitally important.

Work this into your daily method of operation and stick to it. We will all have different timescales that we work to so my daily routine will not suit you.

home business lifestyle

I always take a 15 minute break mid morning, have a cup of coffee and catch up with what is going on in the world.

Everyday I take a lunch break for around an hour. Summer time I go down to the swimming pool on my complex, half an hour swim for exercise and relaxation followed by a healthy lunch on the balcony of my apartment.

home business lifestyle

Winter time like today, although it was 22 degrees in Cyprus today, I go for a walk around the village. Again this is for exercise and to get out of the four walls of my home, otherwise you will go stir crazy. Then have a healthy lunch. It sets you up for the afternoon and you find yourself re-energized and more productive.

I live in a pretty Cypriot village and half of my walk I can see the ocean glistening in the distance and it makes me appreciate where I am and what I am doing.

home business lifestyle

Now I realise that you may not live near an ocean but I am sure that wherever you live you will have some nice walkways to enjoy. So get out there and take a break from your computer and your business.

I also do very little on my business at the weekend, maybe 3-4 hours max checking that things are working ok. Things like emails, checking sales and general admin. Weekends are for me and my wife to do the things we love.

Trips up to the mountains or days on the beach. This is our downtime and reward for working hard during the week.

So my top tip for your is to form a home business lifestyle that is balanced between your duties in your business and the downtime to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you don’t then your business will suffer and you will suffer personally.

To your success.

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