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Do These Generation X Characteristics Match Your Profile?

You have probably landed on this page to find out more about Generation X characteristics to see if they mirror your own characteristics and mannerisms .

There are many diverse Generation x characteristics and here I will list a number of them to see if you can see yourself in what you read.

Generation X Characteristics

Entrepreneurial – Generation x members saw the development in the 1970’s and 1980’s both technology and business wise. They recognize opportunities and take action. Sometimes it is because they either get fed up with corporate life or have had trouble finding employment after leaving college. So they start their own businesses and ventures.

I was born in 1968 and at the age of 22 in 1990 I started my first business because I was fed up working for someone else. I was also influenced by political leaders in my country (UK) to go out and further myself, have ambitions and then fulfill them.

Also I had relatives who were born in the generation before me who were successful businessmen and I wanted what they had.

Education – Generation X are highly educated people. We attended school and went onto further and higher education and we gained recognised qualifications.

Also because we are highly educated we recognise that a lot of what we learnt had little significance to the world entered when we reached employment.

How many times when you were at school did you say “what is the point of learning this?” or “how am I going to use this to get a job?”.

So what we did was to re-educate ourselves in things that would help us in our working life. I went and did courses on Business Management which helped me when I started my own business.

I then branched out into other ares and I went and learnt the skill sets needed to succeed. These are the sort of things we should have been taught at school.

Independence – Generation X people are strong minded and independent thinkers. We have been referred to as Latch key Kids. I personally do not like that phrase but I can see how it transpired.

My mum and dad both worked full time and when I was old enough not to have supervision from my aunt I was given a front door key.

This meant for 2 hours after school I had to look after myself. That learnt me the skill sets that I needed which has ultimately made me into the person I am.

I am confident, strong minded, I know what I want and I am not afraid to go and get it. I don’t mind taking risks and I an not afraid to fail.

There is a term “fail forward” which means you have to fail to succeed. As far as I am concerned the more you fall the stronger you become until you get to the point that you either stop falling or the falls become less painful.

Not Like Being Told What To Do – Some people say that Generation x have a disdain for authority. I think that is a bit harsh but I can relate to it because I don’t like being told what to do.

When I worked for other people I had to put up with it and respect it but I did not like it. In a lot of ways I think that is why I started my own business and still work for myself now. Being told to be somewhere at a certain time and what to do when I get there is not for me.

Tech Savvy – Generation X were brought up in the 1970’s & 1980’s so we saw a lot of development and progress when it came to technology. We embraced it and went with it and that is what has helped us through the subsequent decades right up to the world we now live in.

We run our lives both personally and our business from our phone and computers and we have the life and business experience to capitalize from it.

Flexibility – Generation X are flexible. We are not adverse to doing something our own way and not the norm. If we see something can be done another way we do it. That applies to all aspects of life.

So there are some Generation X characteristics that I hope you can relate to. All of these relate to life experiences we have had. We are a strong go getting generation and do not take no for an answer.

To your success.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

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