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Free Digital Marketing Courses – Six Figure Mentors Video Training Series Part 4

pete harrisSo we continue this free digital marketing courses series of articles by looking at a very powerful email marketing strategy.

In this free digital marketing courses series by the Six Figure Mentors you have learnt about how the Six Figure Mentors teach people to start a profitable online business from scratch.

Also you now have an understanding about how the digital economy works compared to the traditional economy, and yesterday you discovered that you do not need to be a technical genius to have your own website online. If you have missed any of the previous posts and training videos then please make sure to look under the blog tab at the top of this page to catch up.

Today is all about making money on demand which I am sure that you like the sound of. The strategy is called list building.

You will learn how you can send a simple email to thousands of people with just one click. Stuart Ross who is the co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors shares a really powerful formula to successful email marketing.

Also he reveals how by spending just 45 minutes on an email which he sent from his hotel room while he was on holiday, he was able to make a small fortune when he checked his results just a few days later.

He then compares the traditional way of advertising to the list building method that he has perfected. I say perfected because when Stuart first started implementing this strategy he manged to generate over $480,000 worth of sales in just 18 months.

To prove it he has documented the whole process in a downloadable e-book called List Building For Profit.

To grab your copy of List Building For Profit and to watch today’s video in this free digital marketing courses series please click the image below.


free digital marketing courses
Free Digital Marketing Courses
six figure mentors application
Six Figure Mentors Application

In tomorrows instalment of this free digital marketing courses series you will learn how having an integrated product suite can help you make more sales and larger commissions. So make sure that you come back then to learn more.

To your success.

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