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Finding A Niche Market Can Be Very Time Consuming So Here Are 4 Top Resources To Help

I know that finding a niche market can be very tedious and very time consuming but it is a necessary task to undertake if you have an idea for a new product or you are considering promoting something as an affiliate marketer.

Finding a niche market that is full of hungry buyers is where you should start. It is no point in creating your product if there is not a market for it. Unless you do the proper research it can cost you a lot of money as well as time and effort.

So how do you go about trying to find a niche market and what should you be looking for. First of all there should be plenty of products within a specific niche. This means that there are a lot of people who are actively buying and showing interest.

If there were no products then that tells you one thing. Nobody wants it. So where can you find this information.

As a digital marketer myself I have a core group of resources that I go to for my research if I am thinking about creating a digital product such as an e-book, video course or audio course. Also I use these to see the demand for any affiliate product that I think about promoting.

So Here Are My Top 4 Resources That I Use When I Am Finding A Niche Market To Enter

finding a niche market

Probably the biggest online digital market place on the planet and the first stop for many new affiliate marketers. Clickbank has thousands of digital products ranging from e-books all the way up to training programs and membership portals.

On the image above you will lots of categories. They have so many that it was impossible to get them all in the image so apologies for that. Inside each category are sub-categories and everyone of those and the main categories are niches.

You can be sure that if there are products on here then there are people buying products within that niche. This is also true for all of the resources that I am going to share with you.

finding a niche market have thousands of magazine listed for which people pay a monthly subscription to receive the publication. In the above image I have gone into the Business & finance Magazine category but there are many more categories of magazines.

The one about magazines is they are a bit of a luxury so if people are prepared to pay for them month in month out there all of these categories are in high demand. Many of the niches would attract a lot of affluent people so they may be a lot of money to be made.

finding a niche market

In book store you will find thousands of different publications and also you will find some categories that you never dreamed of that you could make a product for.

The people at have done their research and only list in demand products. This is perfect if as I have said you have an idea that is just that little bit different. If Dummies have it in their list then you should be good to go.

finding a niche market

The biggest online retailer in the world. Mainly physical products but you can get downloadable products such as video, audio and of course the Kindle bookstore which is shown in the image above.

They obviously also have the physical book side as well and both are a massive vault for you to do your niche research in. You probably want to keep to the non-fiction titles which will give you a really good indication as to what people want.

So there are the 4 main resources I go to when finding a niche market to enter into for any product creation I am looking to do as well as for affiliate products. If your idea is in any of the resources then that is a really good niche market to enter. Hope this helps.

To your success.

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