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By Working All The Hours That God Sends You Maybe Destined For An Early Grave If You Don’t Do Something About It!

Are you frightened that you may be destined for an early grave because you are working 60, 70 or 80 hours a week?

You may be feeling tired, stressed out, unmotivated and just fed up that you are working so many hours and for what?

destined for an early grave

To make the company you work for richer but not getting any recognition for your hard work, having to be at the beck and call of your boss who you have no respect for and working around people who you may not even like.

Is this what life is all about or is there something better out there which you are unaware about?

I had the feeling many years ago that if I did not do something about the situation that I was in then I felt that I was destined for an early grave and I was then only 21.

Stressed out, dreading work, working long hours, a long commute and really not having any time to enjoy myself for all the hard work I was putting in. I felt like I was an old man.

So what I did was to make the decision to go out on my own. I went self-employed and some 25+ years later I still work for myself.

Over that 25 years I did on a couple of occasions put myself in a position of again working too many hours but luckily had the insight to draw myself back because I was getting in the same feelings as I had previously before it was too late.

I drew on my experiences and then changed my business model. The most recently was selling my cleaning business and setting myself up as an online business owner.

I also changed location and moved to Cyprus where the lifestyle is so laid back it is horizontal. By leveraging the internet I am now in a position of being able to create multiple income channels which once set up work 85% on auto-pilot.

destined for a early grave

This leaves me more time to do the things like going to the beach at the weekend, playing golf in the afternoon which is what I am doing tomorrow or going up to the mountains and taking in a nice lunch.

Business is changing and that can be said as to how we can now work. There are many opportunities for people to turn their backs on the traditional life of working 40-80 hours a week. Living month to month on the paycheques that go into their banks.

Trading time for money in jobs that they do not enjoy doing and being reliant on a person or company to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. All with the knowledge that it can be taken away from them at any minute.

As I said I now work from home full time and leverage systems, training, tools and resources which enable me to do that. Learn more.

By working like this I feel more relaxed, motivated because I am building something for myself, my wife and my family.

Also I want to be able to help people to experience the sort of lifestyle that means you can work when you want and where you want. If you like then sound of that then please contact me here and I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

So if you have that feeling that you are destined for an early grave then take action and do something about it before it is too late. Look more into the opportunities that are available to you. Click here to take that first step.

To your success.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach

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