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Having The Correct Blogging Structure Helps With Search Engine Optimization To Get Your Blog Posts Ranked

blogging structure
Create The Correct Blogging Structure

If you do not have the correct blogging structure then search engines such as Google & Bing will not recognize your posts and you will not appear in the search engine results.

So if you are a content marketer then putting in place the correct blogging structure is essential for search engine optimization so that people find your posts when they enter keywords into the search box.

The way to structure a post is a very easy formula to follow and this post will use that formula for which I will summarize at the end.

Use this Blogging Structure To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Headline – The headline should be the keyword that you are competing for. The headline is the (H1) tag within your post.

The sub-headline – This is your (H2) tag and your keyword should be incorporated into your sub-headline in the form of a sentence.

Content body – Your keyword needs to be in the first sentence of your post and it needs to be highlighted bold.

Also within the content body your keyword needs to be placed a few times and one of them needs to be placed in italics.

The use of images is essential to help keep the reader focused. If you have large blocks of text then your content needs to be compelling to keep the reader on the page.

Also your images need to be optimized . Name the image in your file the keyword you are using. Also on occasions a caption is suitable and the keyword should be used. Your “alt” text needs to be the title but in lower case and you need to write a description which again incorporates your keyword.

Below is an example of image optimization for the keyword “Blogging Structure”.

blogging structure

Your post should be a presell to the solution that your are offering. Highlight the issues that people are having so they can relate to your content and then lead them to your solution that you are offering.

Then there should be a call to action. This is where you tell them where to go to get the solution they require.

Your content should be either engaging, informative, educational or humorous. Put some of your personality into it so that people get to know you.

Another element to your blogging structure is to have your keyword in the final sentence and underline it.

Always sign off your post and have your name and who you are. After you signature put the keyword in (H3) tag and make it bold.

So Let’s Look At The Blogging Structure Of This Post

  • My keyword is Blogging Structure
  • The headline is the keyword which is in (H1)
  • The sub-headline is the sentence with the keyword in it and is (H2)
  • I have the keyword numerous times throughout the post and they have been highlighted bold, put in italic and underlined in the last sentence
  • Images have been optimized
  • I have addressed a problem that people may have and offered a solution
  • I have a strong call to action to click on the image
  • I have signed off the post
  • I have the keyword in (H3) at the bottom of the post as well as incorporating the keyword in a (H3) headline in the body of the post

I hope that by reading this post you now understand the correct blogging structure that you should work to within your posts to help you with your search engine rankings.

To your success.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

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