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Here Are Some Incredible Blogging Statistics That You Probably Do Not Know But Really You Should 

Sometimes people get really hung up on stats but as a blogger you really should know some basic blogging statistics about your industry.

Now I have come across an incredible blogging infographic with some equally incredible blogging stats on it. I have been blogging for around 3 years now and this really blew me away.

After reading this you will really understand why blogging is so powerful for individuals and businesses alike.

After you have taken in all this information I will give you a free resource which is the A-Z on blogging. More on this in a moment. For now enjoy thee blogging statistics infographic kindly created by Social Marketing Writing.

blogging stats


So now you are armed with some detailed blogging statistics and you also have a really powerful blogging resource to help you get you blogging business of the ground.

To your success.

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