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Discover A Simple Formula To Effective Blogging Keyword Research

AS with anything research is crucial and blogging keyword research is no different. Whenever you go into Google and type in a keyword or phrase that you need information on the websites and webpages which have done the correct blogging keyword research will appear at the top of what is called the “organic” results that search engines such as Google & Bing produce.

Now the webpages who appear at the top have not got there by sheer luck! They have all done their extensive blogging keyword research to get there.

Now I am assuming that by reading this post that you are a blogger who is looking for a blogging keyword research formula to follow in order to help boost your search engine rankings.

Blogging is enjoyable but it can also be time consuming so you need to that the time you are putting in is productive and gives you the results you deserve…

Here Is The Blogging Keyword Research Formula That I Follow

First Go To Google

Enter your keyword that you want to blog about. You will see that Google gives you some ideas of the keywords people are searching for. Initially make a list of these keywords.

Blogging keyword research

Then go to the bottom of the page and you will see “Searches related”. Put those on your list.

blogging keyword research

Then go back to the search box where your original search term is and put an “a” after it. This will give you more keywords to list. Continue right through the alphabet and by the end of it you should have a nice long list of keywords.

blogging keyword research

Then we head over to the Google Keyword Planner. Start by putting the keyword into the planner to see how many searches there are per month. If there are not anybody searching for it then strike it off your list. On the next image you will see that the search term I have chosen is a lot more specific. It is classed as a long tail keyword and you can see there are 2900 people searching for it per month.

blogging keyword research

Now we have established there are people searching for that term we go back to the Google search box and enter the keyword but this time with “” marks around it and you hit enter and you will see a figure appear under the search box. This figure represents the number of webpages on the internet with the exact phrase on it.

blogging keyword research

This number is of great relevance and here is why. I break the keywords down into 3 levels of competition because that figure is your competition of people who are writing about that specific keyword.

Here are the three levels to categorize your competition.

  • Under 30,000 search results = Low Competition
  • Between 30,001 & 100,000 search results = Medium Competition
  • Over 100,001 search results = High Competition

Then what you need to do is create a spreadsheet with 3 pages on it and title them Low, Medium & High.

Go through your entire list of keywords and repeat the “” around the keyword exercise to get the competition results and enter them into your respective pages.

Along side of that you need to enter the Google Keyword planner results onto each page. The last thing to do is to format the column with the Google Keyword Planner results into the highest searches at the top. Do this for each page.

You should now have 3 pages with the competition and search results for each keyword. All you need o do is go through them on blog on each keyword in order. If you have around 100 keywords then you have over 3 months blogging headlines and ideas.


This is how to do blogging keyword research and I hope that this has helped you get many keyword ideas.

To your success.

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