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How To Set Up Automated Income Streams

Pete HarrisHow would you like to find out how to set up your own automated income streams. These are fantastic because you do the work once and the whole process works in the background allowing you to do the marketing and set up as many as you want.

There is a process to it though. It’s quite straight forward so don’t worry it’s not scientific or anything like that. Anybody of any age and experience can set up these automated income streams once you know how!

How To Set Up Automated Income Streams

The basic formula to making money online is you send traffic (web visitors) to an offer and if they buy you make sales which equals cash!


So lets take for example affiliate marketing. You as an affiliate send traffic to an affiliate offer and hope they buy. If they don’t then you have lost that person forever! So is there a better way?

The simple answer is yes but that does not say that this way does not work because it does. You have done the work by marketing an offer and you have made sales, sometimes when you are asleep, automatically!

You have not had to phone, chase and convince people to buy the product. You don’t feel the frustration of people hanging up on you and you don’t feel the sense of rejection when people say no! You could potentially have eyeballs on the offer from all around the world and if they don’t buy then so be it.

So What’s The Better Way?

make moneyIt is a similar process but with one or two tweaks. In the first method you don’t have a clue who buys your offer. These details are harvested by the product owner.

So how can you get the details of the the people who take action when they land on the webpage that you are promoting.

What you do is send them to what is called a lead capture page. Here if they want to take you up on your offer they are asked to enter their email address.

For them to do that you offer something of imense value for FREE! What I hear you say FREE how can I make money by doing this? Just keep with me and I will explain.

Once you have offered them something for free you now have their contact details! You then do what is called “Following Up” with a series of emails. Now in these emails you keep offering value to them. For example you can offer further training or relevant information to the offer that you have made, this is also FREE!

By doing this you are creating a relationship with that peson so that they then become to know, like and trust you. Within this email sequence you can also offer paid products which you will earn commissions from if they take action and buy.

When they do take this action you make sales which equals cash in your bank account. Can you see how much more powerful this strategy is from the first method.

In the first method you get just one chance, that’s it! The second method you are creating multiple opportunities for the person to buy. You also have the opportunity to promote other offers for aslong as that person is a subscriber.

So Here Is the Formula


This whole process is automated as all you have to do is set up the system once and it works for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Simple but extremely powerful I am sure you will agree.

So are you now interested to know just how you can set up these automated income streams?

Well I have a training series to offer you which explains the whole process in much more detail and if you click on the image below and enter your email address then I will send you the first video instantly.

Automated Income StreamsThe power of automated income streams can not be felt ultil you have experienced them. I am on holiday at my apartment in Cyprus at the moment and I made sales while I was on the plane and when I was asleep on my first night which has paid for my holiday.

Sound good? Then click on the image above to start setting up your own automated income streams.

As always I wish you well.

Pete Harris

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