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Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Gives You The Opportunity To Make Commissions On Their Entire Inventory

If you start affiliate marketing with Amazon then you can make money promoting Amazon’s entire inventory.

This is a massive opportunity as you have access to hundreds of thousands of products to promote and make commissions on everything you make a sale on.

So How Do You Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

amazonAt the bottom of Amazon’s website you will see an invitation to become an affiliate. By clicking on this you can link to your Amazon account or you can set up a new account for your affiliate marketing business.

It’s quite straight forward, all you have to do is fill in the form and submit it and Amazon will process your application and when it has been approved you will receive your details and your affiliate link.

Now you can promote whatever you like. Affiliate marketing with Amazon works great if you have an established website within you niche or industry.

For example if you have a golf website with a lot of daily visitors you can install widgets in your sidebar which are linked to your amazon affiliate account.

Every time someone clicks on one of the products you are advertising your affiliate link is embedded onto the sales page and if they make a purchase then you have just made a sale and commission.

So as I have said niche specific websites are great but you can also create review websites of the products that you want to promote.

Find an in demand product, create a review of the product, add images and explain the benefits and features, insert your link and drive traffic to the site.

You can also do video reviews of products and put the videos on YouTube and other video hosting sites. These are powerful because the prospective customer can physically see the product working and they are already in the buying mode so they are likely to click on your link and purchase.

One of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing with Amazon is that you are leveraging the Amazon brand. It is one of the biggest marketplaces on the planet and more or less everybody knows of Amazon therefore they are confident of purchasing through Amazon.

At the end of the day they don’t know that it is you promoting the product, they are just focused on Amazon because they are confident that they will get their purchases and that it will arrive in the post by courier.

To me the one downside to affiliate marketing with Amazon is commission rates. It is done on volume of units you sell and ranges between 4-10%.

So commissions could potentially be small. So my tip is to focus on high value products and particularly products over $150.00. The example of golf I used is a good one because if you sold a set of clubs then they would cost many hundreds of dollars so the commission you get would be bigger.

For anything under $100.00 you will only get between $4-$10 so you have to think about that if you are paying for your advertising.

That is only the real negative I see apart from you may have a lot of competition promoting the same thing. If that is the case then it is down to you to be a better marketer than the rest!

So affiliate marketing with Amazon is a great option for you to start affiliate marketing as you can leverage the Amazon brand and have access to hundreds of thousands of products to promote.

To your success.

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