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Read Two Affiliate Marketing Success Stories Who Partnered Up To Change The World

There are many affiliate marketing success stories out there. People who have become multi-millionaires selling other peoples products and services which is what affiliate marketing is.

The trouble is that some of these affiliate marketing success stories are flash in the pans. They do it once and then fade into the distance and soon nobody remembers them.

Saying that there are many who stay the course, they become even more successful and then they come to a stage when they want to give back.

Their vision then becomes to help other people achieve their own success and encourage them to become financially self sufficient. To break away from the norm and to learn the skill sets needed to succeed in the digital economy that we live in.

So Where Am I Going With This?

In every industry there are success stories. Behind each one is a mentor, a person who you learn from both in the way that they succeeded and developing their mindset which you need to evolve.

As we are talking about affiliate marketing I would like to talk about two affiliate marketing success stories who just happen to be my mentors.

I have tried different affiliate marketing techniques and joined many programs before I came across them.

Instantly I realised that they were different from the rest. I related to them and saw just what their vision was and still is. It is to help people break from the traditional way that we live and be able to write their own paycheque.

So Who Are These Affiliate Marketing Success Stories?

Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek

stuart rossStuart was a real estate agent and very successful at it. but found that he was not fulfilled in life. He had a good income, nice car and all the trimmings of being a young man.

He got fed up with the corporate world so decided to buy a franchise but he soon realised that he had in effect just bought a job.

He started to look online for opportunities and that is when he found affiliate marketing. Within a very short period of time he was making more money than he ever had in his job. The thing is he knew that there was still something missing. That is when he met Jay Kubassek.

jay kubassekJay is a serial entrepreneur but it was not always like that. Brought up in a farming community and then being involved in corporate America he found himself a muffler salesman and broke.

He then discovered affiliate marketing and learnt the trade. Within a few years he became financially free and a self made millionaire. He then went onto set up digital marketing training programs to create other millionaires.

Then he met Stuart. They decided to partner up and merge their knowledge and success to create the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy.

The Six Figure Mentors is a cutting edge affiliate marketing platform which give people all the resources they need to build a lifestyle of time and financial freedom.

The Digital Experts Academy is a series of training and mentoring programs designed to help entrepreneurs take their ideas and create a sustainable business to take to the world.

These affiliate marketing success stories are taking the digital marketing world by storm. Please click on the image below to find out more information and how you can join the movement that they are creating.

jay kubassek & stuart ross
Find Out More About Stuart & Jay Here

So will you be one of the next affiliate marketing success stories? To be one then you need to take action like Stuart & jay did and you never know where it will take you.

To your success.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach

Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

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