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The Best Tips to Avoid These Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Pete Harris
Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach

Are you making some crucial affiliate marketing mistakes within your business.

You may be getting lots of things right when comes to affiliate marketing, but you may be holding back your progress by making some elementary affiliate marketing mistakes which is costing you dear and you are leaving hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on the table

It may be true that you are making money promoting affiliate products online but this may be much less than you had initially been hoping for when you first started out.

So what is going wrong, why are you not making those big commissions month in month out. You may be getting frustrated because you see top affiliates holding big cheques, standing in front of super cars and mansions and wishing it was you.

Do not get distracted by all this hype you see. On many occasions this is just all staged and fake but it is true that you can make more than the normal person on the street by promoting products as an affiliate.

So with all this in mind I have put together 4 common mistakes that affiliates make in the marketing and promotion efforts.

Four Top Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Your Product May Be To Generic

Are you promoting an e-book that is titled “How To Make Money Online?

If you are then you are probably among thousands of affiliates who are doing the exact same thing. The general public who you are targeting are now very savvy and will just think “Here we go again”. they have seen this all before.

So what can you do? The answer is to differentiate yourself from the competition. How can you stand out?

Use different titles, get professional graphics done for your cover image. Make people get that book from you.

Don’t Ask For The Sale Too Early

If you are doing you promoting through email marketing then this is a big mistake that affiliate marketers make. Some affiliates think that when you get a subscriber on their list the first thing to do is try and sell something.

All this will do is annoy your subscriber. What you need to be concentrating on is providing value to your subscriber. They are a person and you need to build that relationship with them.

Eventually if you do this right then that person will then know, like and trust you. When you get to this stage then it is a lot easier to get people to buy from you.

You Have No Belief In The Product You Are Promoting

If you do not believe in the product you are promoting then how are you going to sell it to other people. People will pick up on this through the message that you are giving out in your marketing.

My tip is to purchase the product, become a consumer of the product then you will know if it is high quality or not. Also by doing this you can be totally honest and your passion for it will shine through.

Have Your Target Market In Mind

You have to have your target in mind. There is a saying “try and sell to everybody, you sell nothing”. You have to connect with your target demographic.

For example if you are promoting golf products and advertise to people who are interested in sport in general then alot of your marketing efforts and advertisement spend will be wasted. Yes it may appeal to a very small portion of that market but you need to be targeting “Golfers”. I hope you see by this just what I mean.

My Bonus Tip

Yes I know I said I would give you 4 tips but I always like to over deliver. My last tip is get yourself educated. Now what do I mean by that.

When I started I tried to figure it out on my own most of the time. After a couple of years doing this and realizing it was costing more money by the mistakes I was making I seriously looked for the right education and training.

After all it makes sense to learn from the people who knew what they were talking about. Right? After doing a lot of research I finally found the education and training I was looking for and bit by bit things started to fall into place and I started to understand just what to do.

To find out how it all became clearer to me then please Click Here for more information.

So if you are struggling making affiliate marketing then follow these simple tips and soon you will eradicate the affiliate marketing mistakes that you are making and start to see your profits increase.

To your success.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach

Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

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