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Find Out How To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Income With High Ticket Commissions

Pete Harris
Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach

Are you making enough affiliate marketing income through your traffic generation and marketing efforts?.

If no then it may be the affiliate products you are promoting that is keeping your affiliate marketing income down.

It may be that you are considering affiliate marketing as a way of starting an online business from home and you are looking for examples of what affiliate marketing income levels you can potentially earn.

Whatever scenario is applicable to you then to really make a good income from affiliate marketing you need to look mainly at the products and services that you are promoting.

The biggest tip that I can give you is not to promote just anything in order to make a sale. If you promote rubbish then expect lots of refunds which will bring your commission levels down and also give you a bad reputation.

The next big tip I can you is obviously find high quality in demand products and services but make sure there is a proper, proven and tested sales funnel in place which allows you to earn affiliate commissions on all the products in the funnel.

If your are constantly promoting front end products of between $27-$47 then you have to make sure that you have multiple sales coming in daily to make a good affiliate marketing income.

My last tip is to make sure that the back end of the funnel has high sales prices so you can earn what are called “High Ticket Commissions”.

These need to be in the region of $1000 commissions minimum per sale and anything up to $8000 per sale.

You see all your work needs to concentrate on getting targeted traffic into the top of the funnel as people will naturally go through the funnel at their own speed.

Every time they purchase a product then you make a commission and the further down the funnel they go then your commissions will get bigger and bigger.

If you follow my tips then hopefully you will see your affiliate marketing income increase significantly.

If you would like more information on high ticket commissions of $1000+ for a single sale then please CLICK HERE for more information.

It really is possible to increase your affiliate marketing income by working smarter and not harder. Now it is up to you.

To your success.

Pete Harris

Pete Harris

Digital Marketer & Home Business Coach

Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

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