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Pete HarrisHi and welcome to my About Me page. So who exactly am I. Well at the end of the day I am just a normal person. I like to think that I have strong morals and values, if I can help any body I will and most of all I treat other people like I would like them to treat me, with respect.
I would like to tell you my story but I promise not to let it turn into a “This Is Your Life” tribute.
So here we go!

The Early Years

Norwich SignBorn In Nowich 1968 to Richard who was an electrician and Patricia who was a Section Manager in a supermarket. I have two older brothers Malcolm & Barry.


Wymondham SignMy hometown is Wymondham in Norfolk in the UK. Google Wymondham and you will find it has a wealth of history with some very prominent people. The most famous being Robert Kett who led a rebellion during the reign of King Henry VI against wealthy landowners in 1549. We also have one of the most impressive Abbey’s in the country.


Browick RoadBrowick Road First School Wymondham – Lovely old school. High ceiling classrooms, always seemed a big and airy space. Maybe it was because I was a little person. Many happy memories.


Robert KettRobert Kett Middle School Wymondham – Starting to get a bit more serious here. Fantastic school, really set me up to go to what we all referred to as “The Big School”. Made some good friends here and most important of all got into the school football team. Looking back it was towards the end of my time here when I was coming up to 12 years old I started thinking that one day I would like to be my own boss.
Wymondham HighWymondham High School ( Now Academy Status ) and one of the top state schools in the country. The sort of place you went in as a boy and came out a man. Again made good friends and played in all the school teams. This is where I really started to think about being my own boss. My uncle had his own business and I got a lot of inspiration from him. Had aspirations of being a photographer. Was told by my careers officer to forget about that as it was too competitive. She told me to concentrate on getting a proper job and work for a company as it would be more safer. Relly encouraging stuff ( NOT ). Any way I ignored her. Did not get to be a photographer, back in the early 1980’s there were not that many opportunities around my area for that industry, but she made me even more determined to work for myself. Maybe one day I will fulfill that dream, you are never too old. I wonder where that careers officer is now, any way I do not hold grudges, life is too short.
Norwich City CollegeNorwich City College – Here I did a year long course in Graphic Communication. It involved all aspects of media and communication. Really interesting stuff. I did get to dabble with my passion of photography which was nice. It was really geared up to the Printing Industry. Got to look around some major printing houses of that time in and around the Norwich area. Visited Eastern Counties Newspapers ( ECN ) which actually produces the biggest regional newspaper in the country – The Eastern Daily Press, fantastic newspaper. Keeps me up to date on one of my passions – Norwich City Footbal Club, more on that later. Any way it was through going to this college that I managed to get my first proper job, and yes it was in the printing industry.

My First Job

Stones PrintersMy first job was a company called H G Stone & Co Printers Limited, sadly went out of business in 1990. Any way I joined the company in June 1985 as an Office Junior, basically making coffee and doing the filing but hey I was coming up to 17 years old and I had money in my pocket so life was pretty good for me then. As I said I got the job through being at the college. The owner of the company was good friends with the Head Lecturer of the course I was attending. I got recommended for the position and the owner gave me a chance.
I worked closely with the production manager who also doubled up as the Estimator. We were what was called a jobbing printer, business cards, letterheads, invoices, you get the idea. His name was Neil and I became really good friends with him and he became my mentor and taught me the ropes. He left in 1988 to persue a different career path and it was Neil who recommended me to the owner Peter to take over the Estimating and Sales Administration side. Peter again gave me that chance to prove myself. I instantly got a 25% raise in my salary with a promise of another 25% in 6 months time if everything was working out ok. Six moths later I got the next 25%, so 50% raise in 6 months. I got more training and coaching at college and gained some important and impressive qualifications.
Now it was in late 1989 that my desire to work for myself started to become really strong. Without going into too many details I knew that the company was in trouble, the atmosphere around the place was lets just say edgy, things were just not the same. I really started to hate going to work, I was stressed out, there was serious problems at work. May 1990 I had had enough. I QUIT with no job to go to. Three weeks later I started my own Market Stall business with my girlfriend at that time who also worked within the same company. Also she was pregnant with our oldest son. She also QUIT. Two months after that the printing company went bust.
MarketMay 1990 – I am my own boss at the age of 21. I had my own Business Bank Account. I had arrived at the place that I had been thinking about since the age of 12. I was on my own, no safety net of a chunk of money at the end of the month. Was I scared, you bet I was but I was excited. I controlled my own destiny.
I sold babywear and childrens clothes on a different market every day. I loved it, I was part of a community, we all helped each other, even if we were selling the same stuff.  We were flying, making good money and within 2 months we expanded. We secured a pitch in an indoor market for the summer season. Summer fininshed and I went back to just doing the markets on my own as my girlfriend was getting bigger so she stayed at home during the week. One Saturday she decided to come with me, we travelled about 100 miles to just on the outskirts of London and guess what, around lunchtime she went into labour. Back up the motorway and we had to stop at the nearest hospital, we did not get home. A few hours later I became a Dad.
I carried on with the markets but after the Christmas of that year things took a turn for the worse. The UK ws in the depths of recession. Suddenly no one had  any money, no one was buying my goods. I had to think out of the box and look into starting something else. This was spring 1991. What I did was go in a totally different direction. I started my own cleaning business. The market for this service was there so I went for it. I shut down the market business and was 100% committed to my new venture.
Window CleanerSo here I am armed with a ladder and bucket. I worked my butt off canvassing new customers. I could not believe that people would pay me to clean windows. Within 1 month I was earning more than I was on the markets, things were on track. After 4 years we had to relocate to be nearer the family so I had to shut the round down. I said to myself “you have done it once do it again”. So I did I set the business up again only this time once I had the customers I adopted the McDonalds principle, “Would You Like Fries With Your Order” otherwise know as the upsell.
I had the customers hooked, what else could I offer. I added Pressure Washing, Carpet Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning to my business and the profits soared. I still run my cleaning business, I have adapted it in certain ways so that the work I do is high paying work. It only takes about 20 hours a week to operate but it designed to give maximum profits. Some of my customers I have been servicing for over 15 years. I don’t want to and I will not let them down. It works hand in hand with my Digital Marketing Business.
Three-dimensional manI started working online in 2011 really as a part time venture. Because of having the flexibility of working for my self I found it was something I could do. As with a lot of people starting out I entered the Affiliate Marketing Business Model. It is a very low cost way of getting started. The trouble is it is very competitve, you may have hundreds of people selling the same, and most of the time, low cost product. You have to sell hundreds of products to make any significant money. I have tried many different “Next Big Thing” or “Push Button Software”. They don’t work. I have tried Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ), the trouble with this is that it is in my opinion a very aggressive and somtimes very unethical way of doing business.
Also the trouble with these systems and business models after you buy the product that’s it. There is no training offered and no support. You are left to your own devices to get on with it. I have spent hundreds of dollars. I must admit I have found it very hard at times but I have that stubborn mentality that I will never give up. Thankfully I have now found a system that actually trains you to succeed. I will talk more about that at the bottom of this page.

My Family – The Most Important Part Of My Life

Sadly my Mother passed away in 2011. She was a wonderful lady and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. She was very strong willed and her number 1 priority was her family, making sure they werehappy and safe. I miss her deeply. My dad is lets just say in his more mature years and is always the person I look up to. He is fiercely proud and protective of his family. They gave myself and my brothers the most wonderful childhood, we were never rich but we always felt loved. I hope that I have inherited their best qualities and have passed them onto my three sons.
DSCF0950My wife and my best friend Lynn. We met in 2002 and we got married in 2005. We have never had an argument, we have the same sense of humour and she is a fantastic cook. She is the only person that has come anywhere close to my mother in that department. I love her dearly and she is my soulmate.


Alex & DannyI have three sons Sean, Alex & Danny who I am very proud of. This picture is of myself with Alex on the right and Danny on the left.




seanThis is my oldest son Sean when he was a torch bearer in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics.




My Interests & Passions

cyprusMy biggest passion is the island of Cyprus. We have an apartment there and we like to get out there as much as we can. The beauty of having a digital business is that I can work while we are there. I get someone to keep the cleaning business ticking over while I am away.


Apt PhotoThis is my apartment. It is the top one. We actually both gave up smoking to buy this. We both used to smoke around 40 cigarettes a day. We gave up the same day and did not need any form of medication, patches or anything. Our mindset was that we wanted the aprtment more than a cigarette.                                                         This is my officeMe Photo.


golfI love playing golf. The trouble is I have, like millions of people, golf balls that don’t do as they are told. I play a lot of army golf – Left Right Left Right. I never have any trouble though at the 19th hole!



NCFCNorwich City Football Club – The Canaries from Carrow Road. My proudest football moment was watching Norwich beat Sunderland 1-0 to win the League Cup (Milk Cup) at Wembley Stadium London UK in 1985. “On The Ball City”



Highs & Lows

The lowest points in my life have been the deaths of my mother & father. Until it happens to you you can not comprehend the immense feeling of loss. However I know that my mum & dad would want me carry on with life which is what I have done. I hope that they are proud of me wherever they are.
The other low point is when my marriage broke down in the respect that I lost day to day contact with my 3 sons. They were 9,6 & 3 at the time. Saying that I am a great one of taking a positive out of a negative. Meaning that although I did not have the quantity of time with them the quality of time I spent with them was greatly enhanced. In respect of what happened my I am now convinced that my relationship with my sons is a lot stronger.

Now for the good stuff.

The birth of my 3 sons and meeting and marrying Lynn are the most important moments of my life. Without all 4 of them I would not be the person that I am.
Having a wonderful childhood with two loving parents is something money can not buy. I feel very lucky.
Finally starting my own business was a significant moment and to feel the emotions of achieving my objective will never leave me.
Watching my beloved Norwich City win a major trophy was an amazing day. We don’t win a lot but at least I can say “I Was There”.
Having a little piece of paradise in Cyprus is very important. I always wanted a property abroad and we love our “Place In The Sun”.
In all I feel very fortunate. Not a lot has really gone drastically wrong in my life apart from the normal obsatcles that everybody has to overcome.

How would I describe myself?

I always try to do the best that I can an I am trustworthy, honest and reliable. I work hard and and I don’t let people down.
My qualities
  • Trustworthy
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Reliable
  • Hard Working

Favourite Sayings

“You Only Get Out What You Put In”
“Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated Yourself”

My Motto

“My Word Is My Bond”
I would like to thank you for your time in reading all about me and I hope that you can relate to things that have happened to me within you life. I would like to point out 3 things that I have taken out of my life which I feel are vitaly important to bulding a successful professional life.
MentorshipMentoring – My first mentor was Neil at the printing the company. He taught me so much about the business but he also made me grow as a man.
When I started the Market Business, the organiser of the first market I worked on took me aside and gave me valuable tips on how to operate. He actually siad that I reminded him of when he started out. We were selling the same line of goods yet he was prepared to help me.
When I started the cleaning business, while canvassing, I actually knocked on the door of a Window Cleaner. Unfortunately he had had a bad fall and was off work recovering. What he did was to tell me where to go for supplies, how to do the job and he actually gave me some of his customers with the condition that I gave them back when he was better. We remained in contact but unfortunately he was unable to return to work.
Now when I started my online business I bought many courses, the trouble is that I never found anybody who was prepared to actually help until I found The Six Figure Mentors and digital altitude.
They teach you the steps to build from the foundation up and hold you by the hand. They don’t just tell you how to do thing they show you.  They both don’t just “Talk the Talk” they “Walk the Walk” and you find out more about them under the “business Opportunities” tab.
Training & EducationTraining – Education. When I worked for the printing company I attended training courses at the college and ended up with acredited Management Qualifications.
When I started the market business I bought books on how to start a business and learnt about taxes and book keeping from my accountant.
The cleaning business. I was shown how to do the job from the gentleman who was injured and went I branched out in Carpet Cleaning I attended a 2 day Intesive Course from the company I bought the equipment from. That was the same went I incorporated Pressure Washing into my business.
When I started Online I found it difficult to find any body who would train and educate me. I bought courses which ultimately did not deliver on their promises. You may be experiencing that problem right now.
Now that has all changed. I have found everything that I need in relationship to products, training, a business system. I have a business. That is down to The Six Figure Mentors and digital altitude.
CommunityCommunity. Because the printing company was family owned, there were around 30 people working there, there was a sense on community. We all worked together and helped each other to help the company grow and prosper.
The Market Stall business is one big community. You can stand on a market with hundreds of stalls on it. I can remember on one occassion I was having trouble getting the tarpauline ( the roof ) attached to the framework. Suddenly around about 10 other traders rushed over to help.
The cleaning industry although sometimes can be lonely as I work on my own, there is still that sense community. I know many people within the industry. We are always prepared to help each other, whether that is with tips on new systems or just physical help.
Now the online business can be extremely lonely and frustrating. You can download ebooks, video training courses and most of the time you are left to work it out for yourself. This is why a lot of Internet Marketers quit because they just do not get it. Both the six figure mentors and digital altitude have large communities of like minded entrepreneurs, so you are never alone

My Personal Invitation To You

I invite you to arrange a skype call with me so that i can give you the best possible advice on how to start your own internet business. please visit the “contact” tab at the top of this page to book your appointment.
  • I thank you for you time and I very much look forward to working with you.
To Your Success.
Kind Regards
Pete Harris



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