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Stuart Ross From The Six Figure Mentors Will Show You How to Start A Internet Business

Now the chances are that you want to know how to start a internet business. Now there are many different internet business models but one of the best and easiest is affiliate marketing.

how to start a internet business

As an affiliate marketer you promote other peoples products and services and every time you make a sale you receive a commission. This is often a percentage of the selling price.

Now commissions can range from just a few dollars to well over $10,000 dollars for a single sale. This all depends of course on which affiliate program you decide to join.

Now there is a saying that you get what you pay for. This is very true when you decide to join affiliate programs. If you decide to join an affiliate marketing program and it does not cost you a penny then don’t expect to earn the big bucks. It just will not happen.

You will be promoting products with a value of around $50. Yes you may get 75% of that sale price but you have to regularly make a lot of sales to earn a reasonable living. That my friend is an awful lot of hard work.

On the other hand if you are prepared to invest just a few hundred dollars in a professional affiliate marketing program you can expect to have the opportunity to earn some nice commissions, which are sometimes referred to as high ticket commissions.

This means that you don’t have to generate the volume of sales as the previous example and you will probably earn more money.

Now to me that sounds the best option and I am sure and hope that you will agree.

Which leads me onto what I want to talk to you about. With the company who I am an affiliate of you can start you own affiliate marketing business for $297. As a standard affiliate you have the opportunity to make a 5% commission on a $20,000 product.

That equates to a commission of $1000. This is a high ticket commission. I honestly do not know of any other program that you can earn that amount for such a small investment. If there is then let me know.

Now as you progress and invest more in yourself with this company and you reach the top positioning you can earn over $8000 for a sale of that product. This is where it becomes very interesting.

Now you probably have picked up on the name of the company from the sub-title of this post. It is called the Six Figure Mentors. They are an educational organization who specializes in helping people start their own internet business.

The have many training and mentoring programs that you can enroll in at you own leisure. They also have all the tools and resources for you to start your own online business from scratch.

Now instead of me telling you all about the company how about if I let Stuart Ross who is the co-founder tell you want you need to know. You can watch Stuart in the following video and he will tell you how to start a internet business with his company.

Click the image below and you will be take to Stuart’s presentation.

how to start a internet business

Once you have watched this presentation you will know how to start a internet business from scratch. Here is the link again. Start your internet business by clicking here.

To your success.

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